Vendanges II Hennessy Hermès Carre | RARE Limited 1965 Issue

This is a rare Limited Issue Hermès carre that was issued in 1965 to commemorate the bicentennial of the French Brandy founded in 1765 in Cognac, France by the Irishman, Richard Hennessy.

The beautiful Veranges, Harvest, as the name appropriately suggests, depicts locals engaged in various tasks during the grape harvest. Framed by a lush grapevine border, Caty Latham-Audibert, also known as Caty Latham, incorporates baskets overflowing with gathered grapes, a wine press, wine barrels and the final beverage itself into her design. In the right bottom corner, the Hennessy logo mirrors the Hermès logo along with the copyright skillfully hidden within the design; identifying this as the 1965 Limited Issue, whereas the same design issued a year later, lacks both the Hennessy logo and the rich harvest colors.

Richard Hennessy was the first to distil brandy in the town of Cognac and at the beginning began to export his “brandy” only to his native Ireland. It was not too long after that, that the entire region as well as the beverage itself, took on the name Cognac. Today Hennessy is still one of the world’s leading exporters of brandy, an honor Hennessy has been holding since the 1840s.

Vendanges II Hennessy Hermes carre – a RARE Special Hennessy 1965 Issue
Designed by Caty Latham in 1965 – AVAILABLE

Here are some close ups of this marvelous Latham design that is both rare and elusive.

I would like to mention to avoid any confusion that there is another 2001 Vendanges, which was designed by our wonderfully gifted Valerie Dawlat.

Vendanges II Hennessy Hermes twill scarf (100% silk) – RARE Special Hennessy 1965 Issue
Designed by Caty Latham in 1965 – AVAILABLE

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