Le Voyage de Pythéas Hermès Carré GRAIL

Le Voyage de Pythéas Hermès Carré by Aline Honoré from 2013 is considered a GRAIL scarf – AVAILABLE

Why is this scarf considered a GRAIL scarf you wonder?

Here is why …

It all began with Marseille! Well no … Massalia … well … Pythéas, hence the name, The Voyage of Pytheas.

So who was this Pytheas and why is he important or relevant to this design?

Pythéas, known as Pytheas of Massalia was a Greek geographer, explorer and astronomer and a native to then Massalia, which is today’s Marseille, the beautiful city and important port on the French Mediterranean.

Massalia also known as Massilia during the Roman Empire is today’s Marseille, and the oldest city in France.
Aline Honoré incorporated a map of the ancient city, its coat of arms and motto Actibus immensis urbs fulget Massiliensis
(The city of Marseille shines for its great achievements) and a couple ancient coins, known as silver drachma (currency) inscribed with MASSA[LIA]

This port on the French Riviera was founded by the Greeks circa 600 BC and was named Massalia making it the oldest city in France today. Due to its strategic location, Massalia grew to an important trading center during Roman times.

Initially Rome’s ally, Massalia was later on the account of having taken sides with Cesar’s opposing Senate, besieged during the Civil War, circa 49 BC. Nonetheless Massalia thrived and became an important maritime center during the Roman Empire.

Pythéas, Marseille’s native son and explorer, is credited with having sailed and explored Ireland, the British Isles and reaching as far north as the Arctic itself. He is also believed to be the first known scientific visitor to those regions having made contact with Celtic and Germanic tribes. A bit of interesting trivia, Pythéas referenced Scotland for the first time around 320 BC as “Orcas”, which accounts for today’s name of the Orkney Islands.

During his voyage north, Pythéas speculated that there may be a relationship between the moon and the tides. He was also the first to document polar ice and first to note and describe the midnight sun.

With one look at Aline Honoré’s detailed composition, one cannot help but follow this adventurer from Massalia to the north! Instantly we are transported and immersed in the wonders along the way. Reminded of the blazing midnight sun we spy orcas around Orkney, discover penguins on the polar ice, glimpse the moon, and wonder about its connection to the tides …

So yes, this is not just any scarf!

The Le Voyage de Pythéas Hermès Carré is a Special Issue that marks and celebrates the voyage of Pytheas and the city of Marseille, which was awarded the European Capital of Culture in 2013. This award is given by the European Commission to select European cities highlighting the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe.

Actibus immensis urbs fulget Massiliensis!


The 2013 Le Voyage de Pythéas Hermès Carré is a Special Issue … because only 300 scarves of varying colorways were produced in total, and were sold exclusively at the Hermes boutique in Marseille!

Le Voyage de Pythéas Hermès Carré by Aline Honoré from 2013 – Special Limited Issue it is considered a GRAIL scarf – AVAILABLE

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