Les Muserolles HERMÈS© Carre – Inspiration

The Les Muserolles Hermès© carré, The Nosebands literal translation, was designed by Christiane Vauzelles in 1986.

But what is this scarf with a knight all about? And what are “nosebands” anyway?

Of course as a non-rider, I do not know the answer, so I have to dig a little … and thanks to Google and Wikipedia, I learn that a noseband is the leather part that goes across a horse’s nose and part of what makes up a bridle; now I did at least know what a bridle is.

I learn that a noseband accomplishes a couple of things: it keeps the horse from opening its mouth, but perhaps more importantly, it gives the rider more control, which of course is imperative.

Photo courtesy http://www.horze.eu – all right reserved

It is believed that it was the noseband, also known as the cavesson or caveson, that was first invented and used as a “tool” to control a wild horse. And thus it predates the bridle and its other components, like the browband, bits, etc..

The Les Muserolles design, however, unlike its literal translation might suggest, was not per se inspired by the cavesson, but of course the metal horse muzzles so beautifully represented on this scarf by Madam Vauzelles.


Metal muzzles were typically used by knights during the Middle Ages when the horse was an important and powerful “war machine” as Hermès© put it in the Mito e Belleza.

These metal muzzles protected the horse from injury during yes, war, and dangerous tournaments like jousting.

The artist’s version of one such muzzle as inspired by 16th century German metal muzzles now part of the Émile Hermès Museum (see previous post)

photos courtesy Hermès© Mito e Belleza


The Les Muserolles Hermès© carré is in my opinion quite gorgeous as its beauty lies in its “open” and uncluttered composition lending this scarf a light and airy quality …

The Les Muserolles will add just the right amount of interest and color without being overpowering, overbearing …


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