Les Légendes de l’Arbre Hermès© Carré by Annie Faivre Spring Summer 1998 – SOLD

Legends of the Trees, Les Légendes de l’Arbre, is an intricate and fascinating design as it incorporates not just various trees but in their reflections the very symbols and legends that have accompanied them throughout the ages.

It is in each tree’s reflection that we find references from myths and legends from around the world.

Appearing by the scarf’s title is the apple tree and in its reflection we recognize the Golden Apples from the Garden of Hesperides, which according to myth were carefully guarded by the great serpent or dragon Ladon. In this Greek myth the apples represented immortality, which was strictly reserved for the gods.

Another tree that can be found in this stunning carre is the stately oak. The oak has had a special place among the trees as it was once associated with only the most important gods such as Zeus and Jupiter.

Such references are not exclusive to Greek and Roman mythology as they can also be found in Celtic, Norse and early Germanic legends and folklore. Throughout history the oak has also represented axis mundi, the center of the world.

Annie Faivre’s carré tells of the beautiful stories and strong connections various cultures have had with trees throughout history.

The evergreen cypress has been a longtime symbol of immortality, hope and the afterlife in Asia Minor. And the olive is a symbol of peace and reconciliation to this day.

But who better to give us the full Story behind this design than Hermès©!

Here then the excerpt for the Les Légendes de l’Arbre from the Spring/Summer 1998 Le Carré Hermès© Paris booklet …

They are multitudinous, from every land and every era. A means of entering the Seventh Heaven and a clever synthesis of the four Elements, the tree nourishes with its sap not only oriental beliefs, but Greek mythology, as well as the wisdom of Gaelic druids. Apple tree of the Hesperides: Biblical olive with its soothing branch; cypress, pledge of immortality; oak dedicated to Zeus; the pear tree, which tormented Tantalus: all form a forest reflecting the slumberous waters of the Symbol.

courtesy Hermès© – all rights reserved

Les Légendes de l’Arbre Hermès© Carré by Annie Faivre Spring Summer 1998 – SOLD
Les Légendes de l’Arbre Hermès© Carré by Annie Faivre Spring Summer 1998 – SOLD

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