Les Amériques HERMÈS© Carré – GRAIL

Les Amériques HERMÈS© Carré was designed by American artist Kermit Oliver in 1992 and is considered by many a GRAIL carré – AVAILABLE

A stunning composition of meticulous detail with colors rich and lifelike, the Les Amériques Hermès© carré is considered by many a GRAIL scarf. This 1992 Kermit Oliver masterpiece is as highly sought after as it is stunning.

As the dates suggest, Hermès© issued the Les Amériques to mark the five hundred year anniversary of Columbus’ “discovery” of the Americas.

Here an excerpt from the 1992/1993 Le Carré booklet …

Here is Christopher Columbus in all the glory of his discovery, the moment when powerful Europe first set foot on the continent of the future, which it believed was “The Indies”. Facing the navigator, who is surrounded by all the attributes of the splendor of Spain, is an Indian covered with gold and crowned with sacred feathers, looking a bit uneasy but also curious about the precise nature of this apparition, believing it might signify the return of his long-awaited king, Quetzalcoatl.

Le Carré HERMÈS© – Paris Fall-Winter 1992/93 copyright – all rights reserved

Les Amériques HERMÈS© Carré by Kermit Oliver (1992/93) – AVAILABLE

Les Amériques HERMÈS© Carré – Short Video by Carre de Paris©

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