As Promised the Inspiration for the Presentation de Chevaux HERMES Silk Scarf

Anyone, who loves the Carre will have undoubtedly noticed the longstanding love affair Hermes has had with the horse.  Many scarves have featured the horse throughout the carre’s introduction 1937.  Whether a scarf features a single horse, such as the Frontaux et Cocardes, several horses, like our subject matter today or horse riding venues and […]

Ecuries, The Inspiration behind this coveted Hermes scarf

Écuries, Stables, has, as the name suggests, a very equestrian themes, so popular with many vintage Hermès carrés.  As the name promises, we see horses, all twenty of them, in their respective stables. Hugo Grygkar, The Father of the Carre, as I like to call him, designed this fabulous scarf in 1947, which was reissued in 1993 and […]


The World of Hermes – Le Monde d’Hermès Magazine Collection now available at Carre de Paris. Published by Hermes, Le Monde d’Hermès magazine was launched some four decades ago as a biennial piece. In the 1990s it briefly became an annual publication but was quickly replaced with biannual issues coinciding with the Fashion House’s Spring/Summer […]

Carrick a Pompe, Philippe Ledoux, 1973

Carrick a Pompe, Hermes

The Carrick a Pompe is centered around a carriage, but not just any ole’ carriage. The Carrick a Pompe was a one person racing carriage and originated in the middle of the nineteenth century and was very fashionable among the aristocrats and rich merchants. What set the Carrick a Pompe apart from other two-wheeled carriages […]

Les Cles | Les Clefs | The Keys

La Cles copyright

The Iconic Les Cles | Les Clefs | The Keys HERMES Scarf and its Inspiration. By Carre de Paris

The Musée HERMÈS© carré and the Magical place that Inspired this Design

The Musée HERMÈS© carré and its connection to the Émile Hermès Museum – by Carre de Paris©


Panache & Fantaisie Hermes Scarf Inspiration by Carre de Paris

The Ever So Lovely ETRIERS by Françoise de la Perrière for Hermès

Hermès Etriers carré by Françoise de la Perriere, 1964

The Ever So Lovely ETRIERS by Françoise de la Perrière for Hermès – Inspiration for this design by Carre de Paris

Inspiration behind Les Tambours

Les Tambours, HERMES

The Inspiration for the Les Tambours Hermes Silk Scarf by Joachim Metz from 1989 by Carre de Paris

Harnais A l’Anglaise – the “English Harness”

Harnais A l’Anglaise – the “English Harness” – Inspiration for this Hugo Grygkar design by Carre de Paris