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Hello and welcome to my blog about Hermès Scarves, the artists behind them and other interesting information about this iconic Fashion House and their fabulous carrés.


Simply put, I love Hermès scarves, especially vintage ones. The details and artistry behind some of these scarves are astounding.  To me they are wearable pieces of art.

My blog focuses on bringing women and men, who share my passion, together in a forum, where stories, experiences and knowledge can freely be exchanged.

For me it all started with a classic, vintage Les Bois de Boulogne by Hugo Grygkar years ago.  I have always loved swans and the color green has been my favorite, so stumbling across this scarf was love at first sight.  I became more and more intrigued and collecting became a passion and ultimately a lifelong love.

Le Bois de Boulogne HERMES Green

Le Bois de Boulogne HERMES Green

Out of that grew a small business, a small online store dedicated to vintage and hard to find carres, all handpicked and carefully selected.

Please join me in celebrating these glorious scarves.

Thank you for visiting my blog and my store, Carré de Paris.



Ladi in Paris

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26 thoughts on “Carre de Paris – Purveyors of Vintage and Rare Hermes Scarves

  1. I am so excited to have found you. I plan on keeping my scarves but I have just found: three amazing Hermes vintage ones:
    Musee, Salles a Housse, and Grand Appart. Perfect condition. thank you for your site.

  2. Hello Ladi !
    Your web site is lovely ! I only start to fall in love with Hermes carres and I would like to ask you for some advice. Can I email you with all the information? Thank you…Kate

  3. I have two scarves I would like to sell. One is called ‘Tahiti’ and the other ‘Feux de Route’. Can you tell me how much they are worth and if you are interested in buying them?

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