Eleftheria Hermes Scarf by Elias Kafouros

ELEFTHERIA HERMES SCARF BY ELIAS KAFOUROS 90 CM SILK TWILL NIB - Available The story behind The Story Behind Elias Kafouros commemorates the bicentenary of his country's independence and celebrates the courage of his compatriots. His design unfolds like a flag and each letter of the Greek word for freedom is written in a characteristic …

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Tanzanie Hermes silk scarf by Robert Dallet

Not much needs to be said about the Tanzanie Hermes silk scarf; The lovingly depicted flora and fauna of Tanzania speak for themselves... This exquisite carre was designed by Robert Dallet and issued as part of the fall/winter collection in 1997/1998 for Hermès' Year of Africa. Monsieur Dallet's talents and love of animals come to life in individual …

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Photo Gallery on Flick

Please check out my flickr page, where you can browse close to 3,000 photos of authentic HERMES scarves, ties and more I am continually uploading new photos and improving the search functionality of this photo gallery. Should you be interested in using one of my photos, please contact me prior to doing so at carredeparis@gmail.com …

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