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La Comedie Italienne by Philippe Ledoux was first issued in 1962, here a later re-issue. 

This scarf tells a wonderful story about the Italian form of theater known as Commedia dell’arte, which began in the 16th century and was quite popular during its time. Plays were performed on temporary outdoor stages with actors wearing masks and were based on improvisation rather than full scripts.  There were three main characters, the servant, the master, and the lovers.  The main theme typically dealt with love, jealousy, adultery and old age.

These plays produced well known characters such as Scaramouche and Harlequin, whom Ledoux captured so beautifully in his carre. 

What is so important about these plays, is that they paved the way for female actors, who finally portrayed themselves unlike in Shakespearean plays where all female roles were played by men. 

This carre is by many considered a GRAIL scarf

– excellent condition 
– care tag
– copyright
– signed
– green background has several areas of discoloration 
– hand rolled hem 
– made in France
– 100 % pure jacquard silk
– approx. size: 36 x 36 inches or 90 x 90 cm
– guaranteed authentic
– gift wrapped
– subject to prior sale

Read more about the artist, Philippe Ledoux and his scarf on my blog 

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