Sequences HERMES Carre

Sequences HERMES Scarf in Earthy Tones

Added 2/1/2017 She’s done it again… 🙂 A dear friend, an avid collector herself, pointed out something very interesting to me after reading this article, which she was instrumental in writing and researching for me. The nice little touch I had missed that Madama Latham added to her carre in honor of her Muse…(see below) Sequences is […]

Feria de Seville HERMES Silk Carre

Feria de Sevilla HERMES Silk Carre

Have fun at the Fair in Seville, Spain, without ever boarding a plane. The Feria de Sevilla was designed by Hubert de Watrigant, a gifted contemporary French artist, who has so colorfully captured a day at the world famous Seville Fair.  First issued in 1996, his carre celebrates the Fair in Seville, that has been taking place in the […]

New Arrivals

Authentic Hermes Jacquard Silk Scarf La Comédie Italienne Collector’s Scarf Raspberry Pink – SOLD ________________________ Authentic Hermes Silk Scarf Le Mors a la Conetable Early Issue – SOLD ________________________ Authentic Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Kenya by Robert Dallet – SOLD

Petit Marché is back by popular demand

Petit Marché – Shop authentic Hermes scarves for under $250 Here you will find scarves that may have some issues, such as tiny holes, uneven hem, weak silk or some spots but overall, they still look fantastic when worn.  These may, in fact, become your favorite go-to everyday scarves. All items in the Petit Marché Collection […]