Salzburg…NOW Available

Salzburg is a stunning scarf as the standard 90 cm square and even more so here as a reversible shawl or Opera Scarf.  The details of this carre are both stunning and a grand display of Loic Dubigoen’s mastery as an artist.  He creates lifelike details and brings Salzburg, Mozart’s (1756-1791) birthplace, so beautifully to life. […]

Hommage a Mozart by Julia Abadie

Hommage a Mozart HERMES Julia Abadie, 1996

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria and became Classic Era’s most prolific and influential composer. A child prodigy, his career started at the tender age of five and during his 35 years, he composed over 600 works. Hommage a Mozart is a glorious scarf celebrating one of the most loved composers of all time!