I. A. Kwumi Sefidin or I. A. Kwumi Sefedin or?

Feux du Ciel HERMES

Correction 5/14/2018 Just picked up a Le Monde d’Hermes I from 2000 and see that Hermes refers to the artist as Sefedine Ibrahim Alamin. Revision 12/17/2016: In search of  more information about the artist behind the Feux du Ciel, which I am about to list I came across this wonderful information about the artist on […]

The Always stunning CLIQUETIS…

Authentic Hermes Silk Scarf Cliquetis

Cliquetis was designed by Julia Abadie for the Maison Hermes and first issued in 1972.  Here based on the modern copyright and care tag a later re-issue.  needless to say this is a true Must-Have A well recognized Hermes Classic, this gorgeous carre is especially gorgeous in this colorway, not to mention easy to coordinate with all […]

New Arrivals

Authentic Hermes Jacquard Silk Scarf La Comédie Italienne Collector’s Scarf Raspberry Pink – SOLD ________________________ Authentic Hermes Silk Scarf Le Mors a la Conetable Early Issue – SOLD ________________________ Authentic Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Kenya by Robert Dallet – SOLD