Folklore Hermes Carre by Henri d’Origny

The Folklore Hermès carre was designed by accomplished artist and Hermès Artistic Director Henri d’Origny, who has a number of designs to his name including ties, jewelry and of course many famous carres. Many of his designs are inspired by the Fashion House’s love affair with saddlery and equestrian paraphernalia, but not his Folklore scarf. […]

Speaking of Dimitri Rybaltchenko…

I just listed another fabulous design by this very talented artist. He is the son of Vladimir Rybaltchenko, who was the great-nephew of Philippe Ledoux, all three responsible for many fabulous Hermès carrés. Other designs and more information can be found here. “Under the Orange Trees” has us looking down into a koi pond. Shadows, sunlight […]

Mors et Gourmettes Silk Jacquard Scarf and its reinvention

I must admit, there are scarves that make me feel all tingly at first sight. Well, the Mors et Gourmettes is one of those scarves! Henri d’Origny designed this striking carre and HERMÈS brought it first to market in 1961. Perhaps it is this juxtaposition of industrial meets beautiful that seems so captivating.  I can almost […]