Les Tuileries by Joachim Metz for the Maison Hermes

Here is one of my all time favorite Hermes scarves, Les Tuileries by Joachim Metz, named after the famous Parisian Gardens leading up to the Louvre.

Last time I was in Paris, a couple of summers ago, I fell in love not just with Paris all over again, but with this stunning part of heaven.  No wonder Mr. Metz used the elaborate entry to the gardens as inspiration for his stunning scarf.

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Les Tuileries HERMES Scarf

Les Tuileries HERMES Scarf


Les Tuileries HERMES Scarf

Poste et Cavalerie, the Ispiration behind the Scarf

Poste et Cavalerie HERMESJoachim Metz designed and the Maison Hermès first issued the Poste et Cavalerie, or Post and Cavalry, in 1986.  The theme for this scarf is centered around the Sabretache (saber bag), a flat bag worn by an officer suspended from a belt attached to his saber.  The sabretache was many times heavily embroidered and beautifully adorned with the royal or regimental crest.  It replaced a pocket typicality absent from uniforms of that period.

Its numerous purposes varied from carrying orders to containing fire making utensils.  The sabretache was popular between the early 18th century and gradually phased out before the turn of the 20th century.  All the Sabretaches in Monsieur Metz’s scarf date back to Louis XIV, the Sunking, himself.

So many inspirations for vintage Hermès scarves come from the vast collection of art and artifacts from the personal collection of Émile Hermès. This is also true for the Poste et Cavalerie, where two cardboard drawings, below and part of this priceless collection have with the help of Mr. Metz, become part of this striking scarf.

courtesy Mito e Bellezza

Inspiration for Poste et Cavalerie courtesy Mito e Belleza