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Vaisseau de Premier Rang Hermes silk scarf (100% silk) – Vintage RARE 
Designed by Philippe Ledoux
Épisodes de la Chasse à Courre Hermes scarf (100% silk) – RARE Vintage
Designed by Charles Jean Hallo in 1961
The Sextants Hermes Silk Scarf – (100% silk) – RARE
Designed by Loïc Dubigeon in 1981
Louveterie Royale Hermes silk Jacquard scarf (100% silk) 
Designed by Charles Jean Hallo in 1961

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Marche Flottant du Lac Inle II by Dimitri Rybaltchenko

The Floating Market of Lake Inle II by Dimitri Rybaltchenko is a detail of his 1998 design, titled Marche Flottant du lac Inle.

The Marche Flottant du Lac Inle II is a beautiful close up of the original design and was part of the Spring Summer 2002 Collection.

Here we are so close to that we can almost hear the hustle and bustle on this freshwater lake located in today’s Myanmar. Lake Inle is home to approximately 70,000 people, who live in four cities and numerous small villages along the lake’s shores and on the lake itself.

Transportation on the lake is traditionally by small boats, whereby the women sit cross legged at the stern using the oar with their hands.

As the lake is covered by flaoting plants and reeds, local fishermen practice a distinctive rowing style which enables them to see. Standing at the stern on one leg and wrapping the other leg around the oar provides the rower with a view beyond the reeds. 

In addition to fishing, farming takes place in floating gardens whereby farmers gather up lake-bottom weeds and turn them into floating beds. Anchored by bamboo poles these gardens are incredibly fertile and produce anything from rice to tomatoes.

Dimitri Rybaltchenko beautifully captures Burmese life on Lake Inle.

Here in a beautiful theme appropriate colorway (col.06) of pale blues punctuated with vibrant orange and purple hues and verdant greens.


Musique Des Dieux Hermes Silk Scarf Rare

Musique des Dieux Hermes silk scarf  was designed by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr and issued in 1996, the Year of Music.

Musique des Dieux Hermes silk scarf 

Other wonderful designs that were part of the Year of Music, include the Les Ballets Russes by Annie Faivre. Zoe Pauwels’ contributed her fabulous La Musique des Sphères and the talented Loïc Dubigeon designed not one but two exceptional carres that year, the New Orleans Creole Jazz and Salzburg.

Musique des Dieux Hermes scarf showcases several ancient Greek mythological figures dancing while playing ancient instruments, like the Lyre for example.

The Aulos and Syrinx or pan flute, a woodwind instrument, paved the way for the modern-day harmonica
The Kymbala or cymbals and the
Tympanon, or tambourine have not changed much throughout history
The Kithara, an advanced version of the Lyre, gave birth to the modern day guitar
And whom do we find at the center? Is it the river god Achelous entertaining himself by playing a syrinx?

In one of her four “instrument” squares Madame Stuhlhofer-Mayr cleverly incorporated the sign of Hermes, the famous Greek god responsible for wealth, luck and fertility. The cleverest and most mischievous of all the Olympian gods, Hermes was also their herald and messenger.

Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr’s 1996 Musique des Dieux carre is filled with instruments and frolicking gods making music, Music of the Gods.

This spectacular design has never been re-issued making it a somewhat difficult and a rare find and in this colorway a truly divine carre.

The Inspiration for the Musique des Dieux Hermes Scarf by Carre de Paris
Musique des Dieux by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr (1996 ) – SOLD

Two Stunning Carres, both NIB

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Hermes Le Carnaval De Venise Silk Jacquard NIB

Hermes Silk Scarf Les Tambours NIB


Petite Vénerie HERMES Carre by Charles J. Hallo – GRAIL

Petite Vénerie was designed by Charles Jean Hallo and originally issued in 1968. Like so many of Monsieur Hallo’s scarves, the subject matter is the hunt, but here, just a petite rabbit hunt.

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf Navy-6

The Petite Vénerie carre is quite sought after by collectors around the globe and no serious Hermes scarf collection should be without this stunning design.  To my knowledge this design was issued in five colorways, red, tan, navy, teal and rust with red being most prevalent.

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf Navy-12

What I personally believe makes this carre so beautiful and rich, is its background where Mr. Hallo skillfully replays various hunting scenes for us in a Toile-like manner.   

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf Navy-11

And so a story is told and retold…

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-2


Petite Venerie Hermes Vintage Carre by Charles Hallo, 1968

Petite Venerie Hermes Vintage Carre by Charles Hallo, 1968

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf Navy-5


Petite Venerie Hermes Vintage Carre by Charles Hallo, 1968

Petite Venerie Hermes Vintage Carre by Charles Hallo, 1968

Hermes Silk Scarf Petit Venerie RARE-10.jpg

Petite Venerie Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-4


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Au fil de la Soie HERMES

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Hommage a Mozart by Julia Abadie

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria and became Classic Era’s most prolific and influential composer. A child prodigy, his career started at the tender age of five and during his 35 years, he composed over 600 works.

Hommage a Mozart is a glorious scarf celebrating one of the most loved composers of all time!

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Feria de Sevilla HERMES 36 inch Silk Scarf UNWORN with Box

Jardin Creole HERMES Silk Twill Carre UNWORN with Box