Jeunes Coqs

Designed by Madame La Torre was first issued in 1966. This is a very dramatic scarf with a simple almost Asian influence. Light turquoise wide border around young roosters scattered on a chartreuse background.

Lovely Hermès Silk Opera Scarf Tsubas – 30 x 180 cm

You may not know ( I certainly didn’t :-)), that a tsuba is the hand guard or protective guard on a Japanese sword, which prevents the hand from sliding down onto the blade. Sometimes very plain, but typically embellished with carvings or inlays, a tsuba is predominantly made out of various metals but sometimes also […]


Etriers (stirrups), is a gorgeous scarf designed by Francoise de la Perriere in 1964.  De la Perriere beautifully adds a feminine touch by tying ribbons to the various riding stirrups.  I absolutely adore the details of this scarf. Not only are the stirrups very ornate and beautiful (should every rider be so lucky), by tying […]