Ecuries HERMES Hugo Grygkar, Carre 36 inch, Navy

Hugo Grygkar, the Father of the Carré Hermès

The idea of ​​a carré, to print exclusive designs on a square piece of silk came about in the 1930s.  At that time Robert Dumas, son of Emile, then president of the design house Hermès, with talented designers behind him, was able to quickly convince his father about this idea and the Hermès carré as …

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The Stunning Hermès Opera Scarf or Écharpe

According to Maison Hermès these special shawls were produced mainly in the 1970s See our Collection of Fabulous Vintage Hermès Opera Scarves/Écharpes at and this particular Couronnes is available at our online store

The Hermès Copyright

When Hermès launched their first Carre, Jeu des Omnibus et des Dames Blanches in 1937, there was no copyright to be found anywhere.  Although the copyright came about with the invention of the printing press in the 17th century and initially protected the rights of the printers, it subsequently evolved to protect the rights of …

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