Hermès Venezia Store

Of course on my visit to Venice, I had to check out Hermès Venezia, where my C’est la Fête was waiting for me. I had enlisted the wonderful staff at the Hermès Florence store (still my favorite Hermès store in Italy :-)) to assist me in finding a C’est la Fête for a client of […]

Philippe Ledoux – The Other Hermes Legend

Like Hugo Grygkar, Philippe Ledoux, can be argued, has left a huge impact on the Maison Hermès, in particular, the Hermès Carré. Some of the most collected Hermes carrés, such as the Napoléon, La Comédie Italienne and Cosmos for example, are among his creations.  Other highly popular Ledoux scarves are Springs, Groenland, Harnais de Cour […]