Is your Hermès scarf a simple accessory or an investment?

I have written previously about the value of an Hermès © scarf (What is my Hermès © scarf worth, you wonder…) and I still get flooded with appraisal requests on a daily basis. And although, I am happy to provide this free service, sometimes I simply get overwhelmed with the number of requests.

This should, however, not stop to me to broach this subject once again.

A dear friend, who shares my passion for the Carré and who herself is an avid collector, agree on this, we should have been collectors long time ago. Not just buying a carré for that special new outfit,  but buying as many scarves as we could get our little hands on and safely tucking them away for the future.  Had I only started my collecting in my twenties…one scarf every season… had I only bought every Pont Neuf I have ever come across or what about a Les Toits de Paris?…well you know the rest of THAT story 🙂

What we both have seen are price increases, sometimes, exponential increases, over the years but even more so recently.

Let’s take some of my favorites, the Veneries des Princes or La Comedie Italienne or a Louveterie Royale, what do they have in common?

Venerie des Princes HERMES RARE
Venerie des Princes, Charles J. Hallo, 1957


La Comedie Italienne, Ledoux, 1962
La Comedie Italienne, Ledoux, 1962
Louveterie Royale, Charles J. Hallo, 1961
Louveterie Royale, Charles J. Hallo, 1961

Besides being stunningly beautiful, made of luxurious jacquard silk and being as old as I am, you ask? They are almost impossible to find and thus their prices have skyrocketed!  Should you be lucky to ever find one be prepared to pay up. I cannot find these scarves anywhere near for what I purchased them just a few years ago. And one does not have to go that far into the past, consider Zoé Pauwels’ modern creation, the Shackleton  (Hommage a l’Explorateur Sir Ernest Shackleton)?  Well, I thought I was prepared to, what I call “pay up”, when I enlisted my friend to help me find one, just for my friend to chuckle at my “pay up” figure.  She said, double that and you might actually be close.  By the way if any of you have a Shackleton, please do let me know as I have a need for not just one, but three!!!

Happy collecting –







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