L’Or des Chefs by Joachim Metz

L’Or des Chefs, the Gold of the Chiefs, was designed by Joachim Metz and issued in 1997. It is in my opinion a very underrated carre. Joachim Metz, who is responsible for a number of fabulous carres, packs so much detail and interest into his 90cm squares. Same is true for this design! As you […]

How a simple Scarf Ring can save the day…

Revised 10/4/2018 (originally published June 3, 2017) I used to wear my scarves knotted and many times, just casually draped around my neck, until I almost lost one of my favorites, my Orgauphone et Autres Mécaniques Hermes scarf in Rome. With my Orgauphone casually draped around my neck, I was being a typical tourist and […]

My least favorite Hermes scarf…

Eperon D'Or, Henri d'Origny, 1974 Original Issue

I know… How can I possibly even say such a thing! Please let me explain.  “It” was a gift, a very generous gift, but not my first choice as far as the colors were concerned.  A vintage original issue Hermes Eperon d’Or, I should have been thrilled! But I could not get passed the, what […]