Chemins de Corail HERMES

If you fell in love with Annie’s (Faivre) Chemins de Corail in the black/green/yellow colorway when it came out last year but did not have a chance to purchase it before it sold out on do not despair, we have one just in time for Valentine’s Day unworn with store tag with HERMES scarf […]

Feria de Sevilla HERMES Silk Carre

Feria de Seville HERMES Silk Carre

Have fun at the Fair in Seville, Spain, without ever boarding a plane. The Feria de Sevilla was designed by Hubert de Watrigant, a gifted contemporary French artist, who has so colorfully captured a day at the world famous Seville Fair.  First issued in 1996, his carre celebrates the Fair in Seville, that has been taking place in the …

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Les Poulains and Monnaies et Symboles des Parisii, Two RARE HERMES Silk Scarves

Two amazing scarves coming to our store Monnaies et Symboles des Parisii by Zoe Pauwels was issued in 2006. This is a truly stunning scarf with gorgeous colors and fabulous detail and such a gorgeous example of Madame Pauwels' artistry.  The red is out of this world! in like new condition with no signs of wear …

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The Hermès Jacquard Carré

Added 1/18/2017 A dear friend, an avid collector herself, pointed out to me that I should have mentioned one more scarf here, and because I value her opinion and she has a point, I will re-post this with the suggested changes. Towards the end of last year, I wrote that I am about to embark …

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Photo Gallery on Flick

Please check out my flickr page, where you can browse close to 3,000 photos of authentic HERMES scarves, ties and more I am continually uploading new photos and improving the search functionality of this photo gallery. Should you be interested in using one of my photos, please contact me prior to doing so at …

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