Les Tuileries meets Animaux Solaires

Do you sometimes find yourself having a hard time choosing between two scarves? Standing in front of the mirror, you ask, "Does this one look better?  How about this one? Which one shall I wear today?" Well, I say, why not wear both... Les Tuileries + Animaux Solaires = Fantastique!

Sequences HERMES Scarf in Earthy Tones

Sequences HERMES Carre

Added 2/1/2017 She's done it again... 🙂 A dear friend, an avid collector herself, pointed out something very interesting to me after reading this article, which she was instrumental in writing and researching for me. The nice little touch I had missed that Madama Latham added to her carre in honor of her Muse...(see below) Sequences is …

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