La Perruche Inconstante by Esther Henwood

is a Special Edition Gavroche or Pochette from 1996.

La Perruche HERMES Silk Pocketsquare-3

Hermes issued a series of these fun pocket squares.  Here a silly story of a Parakeet. Another story, L’ete de Loula, is about a little girl and her summer adventures and still one more about a crocodile, named Clovis.

Enjoy the short story about this La Perruche très charmant.

La Perruche de Constante HERMES (2)
Esther Henwood studied literature and became a journalist and a writer.  Through her love of fashion and design, she met numerous French designers.  She shared her love of literature with many, greats like Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix, who all drew their inspirations from classic literature.

Here is Madame contribution to the fashion world…enjoy

La Perruche HERMES Silk Pocketsquare-6La Perruche HERMES Silk Pocketsquare-5La Perruche HERMES Silk Pocketsquare-4La Perruche HERMES Silk Pocketsquare-2La Perruche HERMES Silk Pocketsquare

Now available at Carre de Paris

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