Dr. Birx and the Hermes carre

A familiar face to us all by now, Dr. Birx, has become both a beacon of truth, hope and a fashion influencer. Her presence during the White House Briefings during this Coronavirus pandemic brings not just the facts and helpful information, but also a sense of calm and reassurance. 

So when I saw her wearing the Retour a la Terre, I was thrilled as I had just photographed and listed it for sale in my Carre de Paris store a couple of weeks earlier. I was preparing to blog about its meaning for the upcoming Earth Day but must admit, that I am still working on that blog; well perhaps it will be ready for next year’s Earth Day.

Last week, I awoke to an email from a writer with the Wall Street Journal. She wanted to ask me a couple of questions for an upcoming piece on Dr. Birx and “her scarves”. Of course, I was delighted!

One of the questions was whether I thought Dr. Birx had sparked new interest in classic silk scarves, especially the Hermès carré.

Yes, I do believe that to be true.

Dr. Birx wore the Retour a la Terre twice this month, April 18 and April 23.
photo courtesy Bloomberg
Retour A La Terre, Back to Earth, Hermès carré by Oliver Dumas in 1942 –  here a 1998 re-issue – SOLD

Keeping track which of my scarves get the most viewings, I was curious to see if there was in fact a change since Dr. Birx wore several Hermes carres in her White House Briefings. The Retour a la Terre saw a 412% increase in a two week period and the Rocaille II even a higher percentage.

During my phone call with Wall Street Journal fashion director and writer, Rory Satran, I shared this  “uptick in interest”, who asked if I believed whether Dr. Debra Birx was causing a resurgence in interest in classic scarves, I knew the answer was a definite yes. We chuckled when I shared with her, that friends, who as yet had absolutely no interest in women’s fashion, let alone the latest in “who wore it” scarf fashion, have been eagerly texting me to find out which scarf Dr. Birx wore today.

I have been a firm believer in the classic silk scarf for some time now.  And my favorites have accompanied me on life’s journeys near and far.

In front of St Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy
In front of St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy a few year back with my favorite
Orgauphone et Autres Mecaniques Hermes scarf by Francoise Faconnet from 1996

Classic is defined as something that is enduring, lasting, a stand out of highest quality. Of course for me personally, there is no other more lasting, more elegant and timeless scarf, than the Hermès carré. The Hermès carré is all that and so much more, a beautiful wearable piece of art that transcends time.

What’s your favorite Dr. Birx scarf? How have you been enjoying and wearing your Hermes carres? Let me know in the comments below!

The full WSJ article, Dr. Birx’s Scarves Are the Surprise Hit of Coronavirus Briefings, about Dr. Birx’s possible influence on the renewed interest in this fabulous accessory can be enjoyed by following the link here.

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