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On a personal note

I have not taken the time to write a new post because quite frankly, these take a good amount of time, research, photos and such, to make them worth your time; time I just have not had.


For one, my daughter has driven from coast to coast to visit us, her family and her friends. Her limited time here, a prized commodity, has added a delightful “distraction” to my otherwise structured life.

Our recent new found “freedom”, thank you J&J, Moderna and Pfizer, has allowed my family, and I hope yours as well, to get together and enjoy some of the activities we have in the past and missed so terribly over the past year.

View towards Pyramid Peak, near Lake Tahoe, California, late June, 2021

Finally able to enjoy the ole’ cabin this summer, an annual ritual, we have embraced the outdoors, each other in ways that have brought new level of appreciation and a freshness to long standing traditions.

Here is my takeaway: enjoy life! Spend time with the ones you love; NOW

not tomorrow,

because…you just don’t know.

And as much as I LOVE writing about my passion, the Hermes carre, I know I can hit the pause button this summer and confidently and hopefully with new enthusiasm and a fresh approach, resume my writing later. Perhaps from a diffent coast, or even a different continent :]

So, a big and appreciative thank you, to you, my patient reader.

South Fork American River, California 2021

Musee Vivant du cheval HERMÈS© carre by Hubert de Watrigant

What a fun and playful design. Full of wonder of the Living Museum of the Horse at Chantilly.

The Grandes Écuries, the Grand Stables, are home to the Living Museum of the Horse (Musée Vivant du Cheval) at Chantilly, France
Musée Vivant du Cheval Chantilly Hermes scarf was designed by Hubert de Watrigant and released in 2002 Spring/Summer Collection
Aerial view of the Musée Vivant du Cheval Chantilly complex
(photo courtesy

The Château de Chantilly complex includes the château, the Grand Stables, Grandes Écuries, home of the Living Museum of the Horse, a racetrack and large area of forests, located about 25 miles north of Paris. The Musée Vivant du Cheval is dedicated to the art and culture of the horse. Built in 1719 to fit a king, who believed he might be reincarnated as a horse, Louis Henri had these stunning stables constructed to house him, should his belief come true with room for 239 fellow horses and 500 hounds.

Today the Grandes Écuries are a stunning example and a masterpiece of 18th century French architecture and the stables are home both to the museum and about 31 various horse breeds. Here all sorts or equine art, from paintings to sculptures, ceramics to riding equipment can be found. It is the horses that make this a “living” museum.

The purpose of the Musée Vivant du Cheval is to educate the public about horses as well as promote interaction with them. To further promote this concept, five dressage demonstrations a day are performed at the stables.

The 2002 Le Carre HERMÈS© put it best:

This scarf depicts some of the equestrian tableaux presented by the Living Museum of the Horse under the dome of the great stables at Chantilly. We can see the horse dancing the same steps as a ballerina, and the draught-horse adjusting his pace to that of the pony. We pass from Venice to the circus, whilst la Renommée performs a jazz solo. If only all great museums could start to “live” thus the Mona Lisa might begin to smile less enigmatically!

Copyright HERMÈS© 2002

La Renommée, Fame a Greek deity, who personifies public or social recognition. But here, Watrigant makes her perform a jazz solo!

Hubert de Watrigant’s love of horses comes alive in this fun scarf! More about the artist can be enjoyed here.

Dr. Birx and the Hermes carre

A familiar face to us all by now, Dr. Birx, has become both a beacon of truth, hope and a fashion influencer. Her presence during the White House Briefings during this Coronavirus pandemic brings not just the facts and helpful information, but also a sense of calm and reassurance. 

So when I saw her wearing the Retour a la Terre, I was thrilled as I had just photographed and listed it for sale in my Carre de Paris store a couple of weeks earlier. I was preparing to blog about its meaning for the upcoming Earth Day but must admit, that I am still working on that blog; well perhaps it will be ready for next year’s Earth Day.

Last week, I awoke to an email from a writer with the Wall Street Journal. She wanted to ask me a couple of questions for an upcoming piece on Dr. Birx and “her scarves”. Of course, I was delighted!

One of the questions was whether I thought Dr. Birx had sparked new interest in classic silk scarves, especially the Hermès carré.

Yes, I do believe that to be true.

Dr. Birx wore the Retour a la Terre twice this month, April 18 and April 23.
photo courtesy Bloomberg
Retour A La Terre, Back to Earth, Hermès carré by Oliver Dumas in 1942 –  here a 1998 re-issue – SOLD

Keeping track which of my scarves get the most viewings, I was curious to see if there was in fact a change since Dr. Birx wore several Hermes carres in her White House Briefings. The Retour a la Terre saw a 412% increase in a two week period and the Rocaille II even a higher percentage.

During my phone call with Wall Street Journal fashion director and writer, Rory Satran, I shared this  “uptick in interest”, who asked if I believed whether Dr. Debra Birx was causing a resurgence in interest in classic scarves, I knew the answer was a definite yes. We chuckled when I shared with her, that friends, who as yet had absolutely no interest in women’s fashion, let alone the latest in “who wore it” scarf fashion, have been eagerly texting me to find out which scarf Dr. Birx wore today.

I have been a firm believer in the classic silk scarf for some time now.  And my favorites have accompanied me on life’s journeys near and far.

In front of St Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy
In front of St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy a few year back with my favorite
Orgauphone et Autres Mecaniques Hermes scarf by Francoise Faconnet from 1996

Classic is defined as something that is enduring, lasting, a stand out of highest quality. Of course for me personally, there is no other more lasting, more elegant and timeless scarf, than the Hermès carré. The Hermès carré is all that and so much more, a beautiful wearable piece of art that transcends time.

What’s your favorite Dr. Birx scarf? How have you been enjoying and wearing your Hermes carres? Let me know in the comments below!

The full WSJ article, Dr. Birx’s Scarves Are the Surprise Hit of Coronavirus Briefings, about Dr. Birx’s possible influence on the renewed interest in this fabulous accessory can be enjoyed by following the link here.

2020 and beyond

Versailles – Le Pave du Roy Hermes carre

A rare Hugo Grygkar carre, Versailles Le Pavé du Roy, was originally issued 1954, here a slightly later re-issue, that sports two care tags and an early copyright.

$ 779

This bold design features the bronze King Louis XIV statue that has been welcoming visitors to Chateau Versailles in front of the Avenue de Paris since 2009.

The bronze statue is made up of two distinct elements, the horse and the king. The horse originally sculpted for a Louis XV statue was united with the Sun King in 1836 between the Gabriel and Dufour pavilions. The Louis XIV statue was produced by Louis Petitot and finished in bronze by Crozatier.
Fully restored, together they have been welcoming visitors to Versailles since 2009.
King Louis statue is framed by his Majesty’s royal boots found in each corner.
Versailles Le Pavé du Roy Hermes silk scarf (100% silk) – RARE
Designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1954

Jardin Creole Hermes silk scarf by Valérie Dawlat-Dumoulin – 1994

Designed by Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin in 1994 this scarf is both bold as it is beautiful.

I am pleased to be have two stunning colorways available soon.

Designed by Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin in 1994 – coming soon
Designed by Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin in 1994 – coming soon

Centered around the coconut of the Caribbean, the Jardin Creole carre showcases not just the fruit itself but two of its by products, a hand woven palm hat made from its fronds and a carved dry coconut shell.

Enjoy additional photos of this carre below and a brief biography of this fascinating artist can be enjoyed here; this dramatic design is simply stunning in any colorway …

Designed by Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin in 1994 – coming soon

I. A. Kwumi Sefidin or I. A. Kwumi Sefedin or?

Feux du Ciel HERMES

Feux du Ciel HERMES

Correction 5/14/2018

Just picked up a Le Monde d’Hermes I from 2000 and see that Hermes refers to the artist as Sefedine Ibrahim Alamin.

Revision 12/17/2016:

In search of  more information about the artist behind the Feux du Ciel, which I am about to list I came across this wonderful information about the artist on Worthpoint, that I had to include here:
This beautiful scarf is by artist Sefedine Ibrahim Alamin (Kwumi).
“After his parents were killed in 1997, during a civil war, a then-14-year-old Sudanese boy named Sefedin found his way to a base camp for Doctors Without Borders, which placed him in a school for orphans. While there, drew colourful chalk sketches of African landscapes, which eventually landed on the desk of Jean-Louis Dumas.  Dumas, the now-retired chief executive of Hermès, had previously visited the school and asked the teachers to send him the work of any promising young artists. Dumas hired Sefedin to design for Hermes. He created six different styles “This boy was born during the war and saw nothing but death around him, but all of his designs are very peaceful,”.
This amazing “Feux du Ciel” Fire of Heavens scarf will be enjoyed for years to come! Colorful swirls of orange, green, yellow, pink, black and red and blue cover the pastel pink night sky! Yellow and white stars are also found in the sky.
Signed at the bottom Kwumi Sefedin, Hermes, Paris.
This is a limited edition scarf, comes with its Hermes box and the Le Carre Hermes Autumn-Winter 2008 Catalog.
Mint condition!
Measurements: 36″ x 35″

Courtesy: WorthPoint© 2016 – WorthPoint Corporation | 5 Concourse Parkway NE, Suite 2850. Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750

Original post 10/22/2015:

I was just getting ready to reduce the price on the fabulous Hermès Smiles in Third Millenary silk scarf, when I discovered, that I had spelled this young African artist’s last name with an “i” rather than an “e” as in Sefidin rather than the correct way, SEFEDIN.

An easy way to find out, is to simply look at the scarf itself, where the signature, obviously shows an “e” rather than and “i”.  So why the mistake?  I refer to the Carres d’art by Genevieve Fontan many times to confirm first issue dates, and must have done so when I listed this fabulous carre for sale.  Assuming that Ms Fontan would not get the artist’s name wrong, I copied it from her source.  But just now, when I re-shot some of the photos in order to capture all the fabulous colors of this scarf, I noticed, to my embarrassment, that I had spelled the artist’s name wrong.

My sincere apologies –

May I present Smiles in Third Millenary by I.A. Kwumi Sefedin

The unusual and highly popular Hermès Smiles in Third Millenary carré was designed by I. A. Kwumi Sefedin and first issued in 2000.
The colors on this scarf are absolutely gorgeous and include the entire color spectrum making it an extremely versatile scarf and accessory.

Scarf drapes beautifully and depending on how you tie it or wear it, you can decide which colors you would like to showcase, making this a very versatile carre.

The perfect addition to your wardrobe or the perfect gift.

  • in excellent pre-owned condition
  • wonderfully soft silk
  • copyright
  • care tag
  • signed
  • plump hand rolled hem
  • approx. size: 36 x 36 inches or 90 x 90 cm
  • made in France
  • 100% silk
  • guaranteed authentic
    – HERMES scarf box may show some signs of use
  • layaway plans tailored to Your specific needs
  • subject to prior sale

Was $429 NOW $349

Monnaies et Symboles de Parisii HERMES

$ 599.00

Monnaies et Symboles de Parisii by Zoe Pauwels was issued in 2006. This is a stunning scarf with gorgeous colors and fabulous detail and such a gorgeous example of Madame Pauwels artistry. Gorgeous symphony of blues on a crisp white background, so perfect to complement your summer wardrobe.

– in like new condition with no signs of wear
– copyright
– care tag
– approx. size: 36 x 36 inches or 90 x 90 cm
– made in France
– 100% silk
– guaranteed authentic
– gift wrapped
– subject to prior sale

Read more about Zoe Pauwels on my blog