On a personal note

I have not taken the time to write a new post because quite frankly, these take a good amount of time, research, photos and such, to make them worth your time; time I just have not had.


For one, my daughter has driven from coast to coast to visit us, her family and her friends. Her limited time here, a prized commodity, has added a delightful “distraction” to my otherwise structured life.

Our recent new found “freedom”, thank you J&J, Moderna and Pfizer, has allowed my family, and I hope yours as well, to get together and enjoy some of the activities we have in the past and missed so terribly over the past year.

View towards Pyramid Peak, near Lake Tahoe, California, late June, 2021

Finally able to enjoy the ole’ cabin this summer, an annual ritual, we have embraced the outdoors, each other in ways that have brought new level of appreciation and a freshness to long standing traditions.

Here is my takeaway: enjoy life! Spend time with the ones you love; NOW

not tomorrow,

because…you just don’t know.

And as much as I LOVE writing about my passion, the Hermes carre, I know I can hit the pause button this summer and confidently and hopefully with new enthusiasm and a fresh approach, resume my writing later. Perhaps from a diffent coast, or even a different continent :]

So, a big and appreciative thank you, to you, my patient reader.

South Fork American River, California 2021

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