Sneak Preview

Introducing our Exclusive European Designer Luxury HERMES Pillow Collection. Each crafted by hand from specially selected Authentic HERMES Scarves, using only the finest, rarest Italian Dupioni silk in coordinating colors and the finest European Down to create Luxurious, bespoke, one-of-a-kind pillows for your home. Available for the first time, not just to the trade, but directly […]


ZBelow is a purely self indulgent blog posting… I stole some time away from my studio that has scarves everywhere ready to be photographed and listed for sale. Sitting here on my favorite chair,  sipping my favorite Ceylon tea, enjoying a slice of pear pastry not too distant a relative of the ones I always […]

Monnaies et Symboles des Parisii by Zoe Pauwels

Although I seldom “meet” an Hermès carré I do not like, there are definitely those, that when I see them, my pupils enlarge, my mouth stretches into a big smile and my heart skips a beat. Each colorway is spectacular and my photos simply do not do this scarf justice. Monnaies et Symboles des Parisii […]

Chemins de Corail HERMES

If you fell in love with Annie’s (Faivre) Chemins de Corail in the black/green/yellow colorway when it came out last year but did not have a chance to purchase it before it sold out on do not despair, we have one just in time for Valentine’s Day unworn with store tag with HERMES scarf […]