How to store your HERMES scarves

I have been asked many times, what is the best way to store my scarves? And once again, the answer is NOT cut in stone (or woven into silk…) I personally prefer to store my scarves in resealable cellophane bags in special drawers dedicated explicitly to my scarves.  I like to stagger them, yes, just […]

HERMES Promenades de Paris Vintage Carre

Promenades de Paris Les Tuileries detail

Philippe Ledoux, a legend among the Hermes artists, has created some of the most beautiful and highly collected vintage Hermes carres; among them Promenades de Paris. As an illustrator, he brought not only an impeccable attention to detail, but also an incredible gift to transform ordinary scenes and objects into something extraordinary. His tribute to Paris and I might […]

One of my all time favorites…

Le Pont Neuf à Paris Hermès carré by Philippe Ledoux from 1964 simply captivates me.  I am immediately carried off to Paris…among the people, the carriages, the hustle and bustle… more to come on this fabulous scarf…