How to store your HERMES scarves

I have been asked many times, what is the best way to store my scarves? And once again, the answer is NOT cut in stone (or woven into silk…)

I personally prefer to store my scarves in resealable cellophane bags in special drawers dedicated explicitly to my scarves.  I like to stagger them, yes, just like they do at Hermès, with the exception, that my drawers do not have a glass counter to see through. I am afraid, I must pull out each drawer, the old fashion way.

I prefer this method to storing my scarves, simply because with a quick look, I can see the scarves and decide which one I will wear that day.  The cellophane baggies, I have found, are my first choice, because they protect my scarves from moisture, dust and potential snagging.  By the way, I package scarves at my store in the same cellophane bags and if interested will be happy to send you some ($5 for 7 baggies)

I am adding a photo of a sample drawer, this one contains my oldest carres, many of which do not get worn at all or very very little and then only on special occasions.  The LES PROVERBES SONT LA SAGESSE DES NATIONS from 1945, I have never worn, as this is the original issue on wool. The Pont Neufand the Les Bois de Boulogne, both in the “Holy Grail” category, will also not complement an outfit any time soon. The Harnais al’Anglaise is literally falling apart at the hems, but has the most amazingly soft silk, so that one, I indulge in wearing every so often

How I store my HERMES scarves
How I store my HERMES scarves

I know many women, because they do not like folding lines, will hang their scarves on hangers.  And I too, prefer this method for my shawls and twillys.

When I originally wrote this, I forgot to mention the probably most obvious method, which is in its original orange box it came in. 🙂

I would love to hear how you store your scarf collection…

in a special box, a drawer or on a hanger, perhaps?

Please feel free to post your photos and/or your comments here.


6 thoughts on “How to store your HERMES scarves

  1. Ann Laughrin

    Your collection of information is fascinating, helpful, and I cannot stop looking, though I’ve many thing to do. Thank you so much for your efforts!💚💗

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  3. To store my carrés, I have a special section in the closet in which they are all on hangers and then covered over with a large piece of silk to keep them dust free.
    That way they are separated according to COLOUR and they do not become wrinkled.
    I do 2 carrés to a hanger.

    – This from a reader, whose comment was in conjunction with another blog post –

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