New Arrivals coming soon

Very excited about several New Arrivals that will be coming very soon to my eStore.

Some Classics, some very rare and vintage and also some more modern limited editions.

Here is a small sampling

Ginza 2001 Special Edition HERMES Limited Edition

Ginza 2001 Special Edition for the Opening of the Tokyo Store 2001 by Hajine Katagiri

Kimonos et Inros GM

Kimonos et Inros 140 GM Cashmere/Silk

Chevaux d'Apres Van der Muelen HERMES

Chevaux d’Apres Van der Muelen HERMES

Chiens au Rapport HERMES Carre

Chiens au Rapport HERMES Carre

L'Aimable Autorisation du Lalshai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology HERMES 140 Silk

L’Aimable Autorisation du Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology HERMES 140 Silk

Fleurs de L'Opera HERMES Carre

Fleurs de L’Opera HERMES Carre

Les Ameriques HERMES

Les Ameriques HERMES

HERMES Promenades de Paris Vintage Carre

Philippe Ledoux, a legend among the Hermes artists, has created some of the most beautiful and highly collected vintage Hermes carres; among them Promenades de Paris.

As an illustrator, he brought not only an impeccable attention to detail, but also an incredible gift to transform ordinary scenes and objects into something extraordinary.

His tribute to Paris and I might add, love for the City of Lights, is evident in his scarves such as the Le Pont Neuf à Paris Hermès carré, which I wrote about couple of weeks ago and Promenade de Longchamps to name but two.

In his Promenades de Paris, Ledoux takes us along on a stroll down four of the most famous promenades in Paris, the Tuileries, the Les Invalides, the Le Palais Royal and of course the Champs-Elysees.

Promenades de Paris Les Tuileries Detail (2)

Even today, Les Tuileries, is a favorite spot not just among tourists, but Parisians as well.

On my visits to Paris, I make sure I come here, whether it is to just relax and take in the beauty or to people watch, I know, I will not be disappointed.

Les Tuileries, ParisFerris Wheel in Les Tuileries Park, Paris

On the other bank of the Seine, Ledoux takes us to the Les Invalides, a huge complex, originally built as a retirement home and hospital for veterans. Today it is made up of monuments and museums dedicated to France’s military history.  Part of the complex is a church, its copula seen in the background, the burial site of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Promenades de Paris Les Invalides HERMES

Les Invalides, Paris

The Palais Royal is right across the Louvre and opens with a grand entrance onto rue Saint-Honoré.  The Hermes flagship store on 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is an easy fifteen minute walk away.Promenades de Paris Les Palais-Royal HERMES

After you have admired Leila Menchari’s famous windows and with both hands full of orange shopping bags, you stride down Rue Boissy d’Anglas until you run straight into Champs-Elysees, perhaps the most famous promenade of them all.

Promenades de Paris Les Champs-Elysees HERMES

As always, merci Monsieur Ledoux for a fantastic stroll through your City, the City of Lights (and Hermes carres)

Current re-issue in 70 cm Silk Twill
Highly sought out and now sold out colorway

Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Ascot Louis XIV – Ludovicus Magnus – Very RARE

Louis XIV – Ludovicus Magnus was designed by popular Hermes artist, Francoise de la Perriere and first issued in 1963. Inspired by the Sun King himself, this ascot scarf pays tribute to one of France’s most famous kings, Louis XIV.
Stunning details have made this a very popular scarf for the past 50 years and this fabulous design makes this a very flattering and versatile scarf to wear.   A stunning periwinkle blue against brilliant white accented by warm golds – perfect to pair with your summer wardrobe

– excellent vintage condition
– care tag
– signed
– copyright
– vibrant colors
– fabulous vintage soft silk
– some color transfer not noticeable when worn
– hand rolled hem
– made in France
– 100 % pure silk
– guaranteed authentic
– gift wrapped
– layaway plans tailored to Your specific needs
– subject to prior sale


Gorgeous Hermes scarves just in time for Spring

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Celebrate Spring with one of these gorgeous Hermes scarves available at Carre de Paris

Wedgwood Hermes Silk Scarf at Carre de Paris

Authentic Hermes Silk Scarf, Wedgwood, was designed by Philippe Ledoux and first issued in 1974.

Since the eighteenth century, Wedgwood’s neo-classical ornamentation on jasper has become a style icon.

In Wedgwood’s style, Monsieur Ledoux depicts a number of scenes, in the form of framed plaques and true to Hermes’ origins as a sellier house, each scene has an equine element with the central motif depicting a horse drawn carriage – this a clever reference to the Hermès logo.

This scarf was issued in a number of colorways, here are a couple of examples – enjoy!

SALE @ for Limited Time ONLY

SALE for Limited Time ONLY –

We invite you to browse our SALE collection for amazing finds

Gorgeous Hermes scarves at reduced prices for a limited time only


SALE – Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Opera Scarf Les Coupes – 34 x 176 cm


SALE – Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf Au-dela Des Cinq Mers – Mint


SALE – Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Les Fetes du Roi Soleil


SALE – Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Romantique – Rare

The latest from Carre de Paris – Purveyors of Vintage Hermès Scarves

The latest from Carre de Paris - Purveyor of Vintage Hermès Scarves

Beautiful Christophe Colomb Découvre l’Amérique coming soon

other scarves now available:

Fleurs De Lotus




Coming soon…

Coming soon...


Just a few of our latest additions…


Authentic Hermès Jacquard Silk Scarf La Comédie Italienne – Mint w/Box

Authentic Hermès Jacquard Silk Scarf La Comédie Italienne - Mint w/Box

I will be writing a short bio on this much loved and highly collected Hermès artist, Philippe Ledoux.