The Winter Gardens -Jardins d’Hiver

Annie Faivre used her magical talents when she created the Jardins d’Hiver Hermès carre.

Introduced in 2007 in several color combinations, the celadon green colorway is still my personal favorite.

Jardins d’Hiver by Annie Faivre – 2007
The Jardins d’Hiver in the bold and striking Rose Vif/Vert/Creme Col. (Hot pink/Green/Cream – SOLD

With so much to see and explore, it is easy to get lost in this verdant paradise. Around every turn, we stumble upon legendary gardens like the tiered Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

We may linger and pause in the gardens of the Villa Borghese as we take in the sweet scent of the orange blossom.

Then suddenly around the corner we find ourselves lost in the midst of a medieval maze.

The Alhambra, the Taj-Mahal and the Majorelle in Marrakesh are all brought together with the skilled hand of the artist into a place of abundance and tranquility where light and shadow strike the perfect balance.

Jardins d’Hiver Hermes carre from 2007 by Annie Faivre is a sure knockout in this hot pink color way – SOLD

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This lovely and quite rare HERMES scarf was designed by Françoise de la Perriere and issued in 1960.

Named after one of France’s twenty-two regions, Françoise de la Perrière celebrates this historically unique region in her Hermes Alsace carre . Nestled along the Rhine, Alsace has a rich history and borders Germany to the east. The Romans invaded, settled and established this region by 58 BC as a center of viticulture. This is still the case especially for the Colmar area to this day, where grapes such as Riesling and Gewürztraminer thrive. Throughout history this region between the Vosges Mountains and the river Rhine bounced back and forth between German and French rule making it unique in its language, customs and laws alike. After WWII Alsace officially became part of France.

Its four largest cities, Colmar, Mulhouse, Saverne and finally the world famous Strasbourg are represented here and fly their flags proudly in each of the four corners of this design.

With a population of over one hundred thousand, Mulhouse is the largest city in the Haut-Rhin département, and the second largest in Alsace after Strasbourg.

(photo courtesy

Strasbourg, is both the capital of the Bas-Rhinand and the largest city of the Grand Est Region of France.

One of the many charming shops along both sides of the Ill river that runs through the heart of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a beautiful city with a rich historic center, many quaint shops, hotels and restaurants that serve the world famous charcuterie.

Strasbourg is also the official seat of the European Parliament.

Notre Dame – Strasbourg

The cities of Colmar and Saverne are represented in the other two corners.

Saverne has a history dating back to Roman times when it was called Three Taverns (Tres Tabernae Cesaris) as it marked the beginning of a steep incline and was the perfect resting place before such a strenuous endeavor.

Colmar as the driest city in France has the ideal environment for growing the aforementioned Gewürztraminer and Riesling wines. With one of the best preserved centers, Colmar is not just the capital of the Alsatian wine region but a favorite tourist destination.

Colmar also known as the La Petite Venise has a wonderful mixture of early renaissance and half timbered medieval buildings. (photo courtesy
Center of the Alsace Hermes Carre

Surrounded by locals in their traditional costumes are two storks, which due to preservation efforts can once again be found abundantly throughout the region’s marshlands.

Symbolically, however, the storks represent the oppressed Alsace longing to return to the bosom of France just like a stork returns year after year to the same nesting place.

The Alsace HERMES scarf is a rare vintage carre that is as special as the region it represents.

Alsace Hermes carre – SOLD

Musique Des Dieux Hermes Silk Scarf Rare

Musique des Dieux Hermes silk scarf  was designed by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr and issued in 1996, the Year of Music.

Musique des Dieux Hermes silk scarf 

Other wonderful designs that were part of the Year of Music, include the Les Ballets Russes by Annie Faivre. Zoe Pauwels’ contributed her fabulous La Musique des Sphères and the talented Loïc Dubigeon designed not one but two exceptional carres that year, the New Orleans Creole Jazz and Salzburg.

Musique des Dieux Hermes scarf showcases several ancient Greek mythological figures dancing while playing ancient instruments, like the Lyre for example.

The Aulos and Syrinx or pan flute, a woodwind instrument, paved the way for the modern-day harmonica
The Kymbala or cymbals and the
Tympanon, or tambourine have not changed much throughout history
The Kithara, an advanced version of the Lyre, gave birth to the modern day guitar
And whom do we find at the center? Is it the river god Achelous entertaining himself by playing a syrinx?

In one of her four “instrument” squares Madame Stuhlhofer-Mayr cleverly incorporated the sign of Hermes, the famous Greek god responsible for wealth, luck and fertility. The cleverest and most mischievous of all the Olympian gods, Hermes was also their herald and messenger.

Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr’s 1996 Musique des Dieux carre is filled with instruments and frolicking gods making music, Music of the Gods.

This spectacular design has never been re-issued making it a somewhat difficult and a rare find and in this colorway a truly divine carre.

The Inspiration for the Musique des Dieux Hermes Scarf by Carre de Paris
Musique des Dieux by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr (1996 ) – SOLD

Les Bolides and Virages Hermes Scarves with ties to 2003 and 2004 Le Mans Car Races

We are pleased to have two HERMES carres, Les Bolides and Virages that were purchased in 2003 and 2004 during the 24 Hours of Le Mans car races in France which take place every June.

In unworn condition with original boxes and bolduc ribbons, both would make the perfect gift for the car enthusiast.

The Les Bolides Hermes scarf was designed by Rena Dumas, the mother of the current artistic director of the Fashion House, Pierre-Alexis Dumas. Madama Dumas was married to Jean-Luis Dumas, who was at the helm of Hermes from the late 1970s until 2006.

To my knowledge this is the only scarf that Madame Dumas, an accoplished artichect by trade, ever designed.

Les Bolides HERMES Scarf from 2003

Les Bolides HERMES Scarf from 2003

Hermes did issue a Special Edition Les Bolides, which sports the number “24” in each corner and also on the scarf box.

The Virages, with its twists and turns so representative of a race track,  was designed by Pierre Peron.  Signed by the artist, the issue date, however, has to my knowledge not been documented. An issue date of 1976 has been suggested.  Originally issued as a 70cm square, the 2004 edition is a full 90 cm modern carre.

Virages HERMES Special Edition

Virages HERMES 2004

Both scarves celebrate the art of car racing.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans.  This world-famous car race began as an endurance race for both man and machine in 1923 near the French town,  Le Mans, west of Paris. Also coined the Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency, it takes place over a 24 hour period in which teams compete not just for speed, but also efficiency and ultimately completion of the race without any glitches, mechanical or otherwise.

This race is one if not the most prestigious car race in the world and its format has inspired many other races, such as the Indy 500 and others worldwide.

I would like to point out that the American Corvette Racing has won their class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans eight times – CONGRATULATIONS!

Both scarves can be purchased through our store.  Please follow the links provided or by clicking on each photo.

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Feria de Sevilla HERMES 36 inch Silk Scarf UNWORN with Box

Jardin Creole HERMES Silk Twill Carre UNWORN with Box

This Mother’s Day…

Surprise your mother, wife, sister or friend with one of these special Hermes carres this Mother’s Day.

The Early America Hermes Scarf with General George Washington and Lady Washington at the center, surrounded by various images in the American folk art style, is a beautiful scarf in any colorway. Designed by Francoise de la Perriere and first issued in 1979, this has become an iconic “American” scarf.

We are pleased to offer you two of these lovely scarves, both in pristine condition and each with an Hermes scarf box.

A gift to be remembered and cherished for years to come.

We will specially gift wrap your Early America Hermes scarf for you at no extra charge and ship it worldwide for free.

Early America HERMES Carre

Early America HERMES Carre


Early America HERMES Carre with Neiman Marcus store tag

Early America HERMES Carre with Neiman Marcus store tag

Early America HERMES Carrein beautiful blues

Early America HERMES Carrein beautiful blues

Early America HERMES Close Up

Early America HERMES Close Up

Early America HERMES Carre

Early America HERMES Carre

Early America HERMES with Scarf Box

Early America HERMES with Scarf Box

Early America HERMES Copyright and Care Tag

Early America HERMES Copyright and Care Tag

Early America HERMES 36 inch Carre

Early America HERMES 36 inch Carre

Les Muserolles Vauzelles 1986

Les Muserolles by Christiane Vauzelles, 1986 first issue

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Early America – HERMES 36″ x 36″ silk carre – $429

Early America HERMES Lady Washington and General George Washington

Early America HERMES Lady Washington and General George Washington

Early America HERMES 90 cm Carre

Early America HERMES 90 cm Carre

Grand Manege – HERMES 36″ x 36″ silk carre – $429

Grand manege HERMES Carre

Grand manege HERMES Carre

Authentic Grand Manege HERMES

Authentic Grand Manege HERMES

Gibiers – HERMES 36″ x 36″ silk carre RARE – $429

Gibiers HERMES Vtg Carre Henri de Linares 1966

Gibiers HERMES Vtg Carre Henri de Linares 1966

Gibiers HERMES Paris Vtg Seidentuch

Gibiers HERMES Paris Vtg Seidentuch

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