The Evolution of the Hermès Care Tags

Just like the copyright, Hermès has used different care tags on its silk scarves (90 x 90) throughout the years. What started out as a small folded over white tag developed into a small rectangular care tag with care instructions that we find on today’s carres.

Rather than trying to describe the various Hermès care tags, I have decided to show the progression of the care tag through photos.  Please remember that this is more of an overview and a guide, as I only post photos of scarves that are or have been in my possession, and therefore do not have photos of all the care tags Hermès has ever used.

A care tag can both help you date and authenticate your scarf, but as many times the original owner will have removed it, your vintage scarf may no longer sport its care tag.  It should be noted that in the early years, Hermès, like with the copyright, did not add care tags to its scarves.

So, whether your scarf still has its tag or has lost it along the way, I hope you will find this information helpful.

The Early Years (Folded Care Tag)

The Transition Years (Long Care Tag in both English and French)

Modern Care Tag (may be in different colors, black, brown or white)

Some unusual Care Tags (Department Stores)

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