Hermes Silk Scarf 2000 L’Annee des Nouveaux Jours – Special Issue

Oh how simple! Devoid of intricate lines, patterns and color, this atypical Hermes scarf,  the 2000 L’Annee des Nouveaux Jours, is perhaps therefore even more wonderfully effective! In 2000 to ring in the New Year and a New Century, Hermes commissioned Jean-Jacques Sempé; a famous French cartoonist, who goes simply by Sempé. Like his name, his scarf too, […]

Ginza 2001 Special Limited Edition HERMES Scarf

Very excited about this gem of a scarf, the Limited Special Edition, Ginza 2001. Designed by Japanese artist Hajine Katagiri and it was issued in 2001 to mark the opening of Hermès headquarters in Japan. Hermès headquarters are housed in a 12 story tower, which is located in the busy center of the Japanese capital in the commercial […]

The Evolution of the Hermès Care Tag

Just like the copyright, Hermès has used different care tags on its silk scarves (90 x 90) throughout the years. What started out as a small folded over white tag developed into a small rectangular care tag with care instructions that we find on today’s carres. Rather than trying to describe the various Hermès care […]