How to store your HERMES scarves

I have been asked many times, what is the best way to store my scarves? And once again, the answer is NOT cut in stone (or woven into silk…) I personally prefer to store my scarves in resealable cellophane bags in special drawers dedicated explicitly to my scarves.  I like to stagger them, yes, just […]

There is soooo much to write about

Like what is the best way to care for and store my scarves? What shall I do if the hem on my favorite scarf needs repair? or more Inspiration behind the Scarf articles You get the idea. But before I tackle any of these, I wanted to share with you just how some of these […]

Scarves I am still looking for…

Thank you for your kind responses.  Here is an updated list of the scarves, I still am looking for: I am hoping that one of you, my dear readers, will either have one of these scarves or knows someone, who does and who would like to turn them into cash. I am looking for the […]

You can now find us on WANELO

What is Wanelo you ask? To be honest, I did not know the answer to that myself just a couple of weeks ago.  Wanelo, in their own words, is like “a mall on your phone, curated by people just like you. It helps you find the most amazing products in the universe. A regular mall […]

Sunday Afternoon at Shenandoah Valley

What a great way to finish or start, depending on how you see your seven days, my week.  After the holidays, I had a lot to catch up on, and still do. After days of wind and rain, the weather was finally nice, big white fluffy clouds with plenty of sunshine were beckoning me to […]

Authentic Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Le Geographe by Sandra Laroche 1992 RARE

Authentic Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Le Geographe by Sandra Laroche 1992 RARE now available for purchase Le Geographe was designed by Sandra Laroche, who has created to my knowledge, three additional carre for the Maison Hermes: Au Clair de la Lune, Fleurs d’Hiver and Per Astra Ad Astra, being her most recent and perhaps also best known creation. Le Geographe, […]