Did you know?

Two of my dear clients have brought something quite interesting to my attention and I wonder how many of us would have ever known this bit of HERMES trivia.

It has to do with the quite popular NEW ORLEANS CREOLE JAZZ carre, which was designed by Loic Dubigeon and first issued in 1996.  So let’s see if you can find the difference between the original issue (1st photo) and the re-issued version (2nd photo) (hint, look in lower left corner…)

The Original New-Orleans Creole Jazz 1923 HERMES
The Original New-Orleans Creole Jazz 1923 HERMES courtesy private collection
New Orleans Creole Jazz HERMES - reissue photo courtesy the_exquisite_artichoke
New Orleans Creole Jazz HERMES – reissue photo courtesy the_exquisite_artichoke

I would not have known, that there were two different versions of this scarf, had it not been for my two clients, who avid Hermes collector themselves, also happen to be professional jazz singers* 🙂

The Carnaval de Venise  had to be renamed to Fetes Venitiennes after the City of Venice filed a lawsuit against Hermes in 1999.

Only there was no threat of a lawsuit in this case, but possibly simple human error or oversight.

An accomplished artist, Loic Dubigeon has brought us some gorgeous scarves such the Fantaisies Indiennes, Persona and La Ronde des Heures, so we will be kind and oversee him misspelling Ms Hardin’s last name by adding a “G” at the end of her name.

So Lil Hardin’s name became HARDING on the original issue.  The re-issue, which I wish I knew how soon after 1996 Hermes produced it with the correct spelling – LIL HARDIN.

Ms. Hardin was the first major jazz musician according to about.com.  She was an accomplished pianist, composer, collaborator and singer and the second wife of Louis Armstrong, whose last name she added to her maiden name after their marriage in 1924.

Like I mentioned before, I have no idea when HERMES realized this mistake and re-issued the scarf with Ms. Hardin Armstrong’s correct spelling.  I shall be contacting HERMES to find out if anyone in Paris can shed some light on this for us, unless of course one of you already knows the answer and then by all means please let us know 🙂

This is fascinating information! Thank you ladies for sharing this with us!

  • correction: in my original post, I had said “retired” and that is not the case 🙂