Thank you Closet Full of Cash

Thank you, Deanna of Closet full of Cash for featuring me and Carre de Paris on her blog! And yes, Carre de Paris will be offering authentication services for vintage Hermes scarves. Pricing and service details will be available soon at

VINCI – We offer the largest collection of

Vinci HERMES Rare Silk Scarf

Authentic VINCI Hermes scarves The Vinci carre was designed by Francoise Heron and first issued in 1958 and then re-issued ten years later.  We are proud to offer you the largest collection of these stunning scarves from this second early issue. Hermès began to copyright and add care tags to their scarves in the 60s. […]

How a simple Scarf Ring can save the day…

Revised 10/4/2018 (originally published June 3, 2017) I used to wear my scarves knotted and many times, just casually draped around my neck, until I almost lost one of my favorites, my Orgauphone et Autres Mécaniques Hermes scarf in Rome. With my Orgauphone casually draped around my neck, I was being a typical tourist and […]

Coming soon…

The inspiration behind Cliquetis by Julia Abadie.  This gorgeous scarf is availabe for purchase.  Please follow this link for more information.

After recuperating from an old injury

I am happy to be pain-free and back doing what I love 🙂 We have several new additions to our store – Come and have a look… Early America – HERMES 36″ x 36″ silk carre – $429 Grand Manege – HERMES 36″ x 36″ silk carre – $429 Gibiers – HERMES 36″ x 36″ […]