Napoleon Hermes Silk Scarf with Horn Scarf Ring Anneau Boucle

How to Use a Scarf Ring

Discover the many possibilities to wear your Hermes carre using a simple scarf ring.  I used to wear my scarves knotted and many times just casually draped around my neck until I almost lost one of my scarves in Rome.

In front of St Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy
In front of St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy

After I almost lost my Orgauphone that day, I at least tied it in a knot :-).  Couple of days later, I purchased an Hermes Chaine d’Ancre Scarf Ring in Florance only to discover that it was too heavy for me.

Realizing the many benefits of using a scarf ring with my carres, I began to search the world over for beautiful scarf rings that would do my Hermes scarves justice.  I wanted a beautiful and stylish alternative, that would accent my scarves, not damage them and give me the flexibility to be creative.  I was also looking for a more affordable alternative to the Hermes scarf rings ($220 +/-) that I would be able to pass on to my clients.

So here they are…

Introducing our Horn Scarf Rings

Made by hand from horn, each scarf ring is finished to absolute perfection:

  • Polished to assure rounded edges and a smooth surface so that your scarf will glide safely
  • Finished to a beautiful sheen to complement and enhance the beauty of your scarf

Here then are some ideas on how to use one of our scarf rings with your 36 inch (90 cm) Hermes carre

The Anneau Classique Horn Scarf Ring is perfect for you 36″ carre (90 cm) and even larger shawls – $29.50

I used our Anneau Classic handmade horn scarf ring and a 36 inch Hermes silk scarf, Napoleon, to demonstrate but a handful of the many ways this scarf ring can be used.

Anneau Classique handmade horn scarf ring – $29.50

For this look, casually fold your carre in half at a diagonal.  Weave one end of your scarf from under the ring through the opening, then over the center section and then through the second opening under the ring.  Weave the other end from the same direction only this time, cross over your already threaded through part of your scarf, so that both ends form an X over the center piece of your scarf ring.  Adjust your scarf to create your Look

In the photo below, the same technique was used but in this version the scarf was folded first and then threaded through the scarf ring. You can choose to either cross and for a more streamlined look leave ends uncrossed.

I used our Anneau Boucle scarf ring (coming soon) and the Napoleon carre, folded at a diagonal, but this time I did not cross the scarf for a simple but elegant look.  For a great business look, wear with a blazer with scarf tucked under the collar!

Stay tuned for more creative ways to wear your Hermes carre.

Napoleon Hermes Silk Scarf with Horn Scarf Ring Anneau Boucle
Napoleon Hermes Silk Scarf with Horn Scarf Ring Anneau Boucle coming soon

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