I had toyed with the idea of featuring one of my favorite Hermes artists, Loic Dubigeon, but hesitated after I discovered a quite different side to his art. The dichotomy between what Monsieur Dubigeon created for Hermes and as a freelance artist is quite astounding and I shall leave it at that.

I will be featuring Monsieur Dubigeon’s scarves in the near future and I would be shocked to hear if at least one of his creations was not among your favorites.

Born in 1934 to a family of shipowners in Nantes, Loic Dubigeon was not just an accomplished artist, but a sculptor and a muralist.  He received his training as an architect at the Arts et Métiers de Paris.

I am aware of 21 carres he designed for the Parisian Fashion House, all quite stunning and exquisite in their detail.

Here is a sampling of some of his scarves…

More to follow

La Ronde des Heures HERMES Carre 1986
La Ronde des Heures HERMES Carre 1986


Hemisphaerium Coeli Boreale HERMES Silk Scarf

Fantaisies Indiennes

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