Loic Dubigeon, an HERMES artist like no other…

I had toyed with the idea of featuring one of my favorite Hermes artists, Loic Dubigeon, but hesitated after I discovered a quite different side to his art. The dichotomy between what Monsieur Dubigeon created for Hermes and as a freelance artist is quite astounding and I shall leave it at that. I will be featuring Monsieur […]

Jungle Love by Robert Dallet

Kenya HERMES Silk Jacquard carre

Perusing the HERMES.com website, as I often do, I noticed the Fierce and Fragile campain and immediately thought to include the link here.  Hermes pays hommage to one of its amazing wildlife artists, Robert Dallet.  If you are a fan of Monsieur Dallet, his big cats (or small ones), this is a must! Robert Dallet, the […]

I need to add…Promenades de Paris

I apologize, I meant to add that at the center of Monsier Ledoux’s Promenade de Paris carre is the coat of arms of Paris, which can be seen in numerous places around Paris. Part of the gate to one of my favorite Museums in Paris, the MUSEE CARNAVALET, a Must-See on your visit to the City of […]

HERMES Promenades de Paris Vintage Carre

Promenades de Paris Les Tuileries detail

Philippe Ledoux, a legend among the Hermes artists, has created some of the most beautiful and highly collected vintage Hermes carres; among them Promenades de Paris. As an illustrator, he brought not only an impeccable attention to detail, but also an incredible gift to transform ordinary scenes and objects into something extraordinary. His tribute to Paris and I might […]

We are expanding our inventory

We will be adding some new scarves to our inventory among other twillys, ascots and carres and other HERMES items… Also getting to write about a very rare scarf by one of my all time favorite HERMES designers, Hugo Grygkar, Plaques a Sabler from 1956

Philippe Ledoux – The Other Hermes Legend

Like Hugo Grygkar, Philippe Ledoux, can be argued, has left a huge impact on the Maison Hermès, in particular, the Hermès Carré. Some of the most collected Hermes carrés, such as the Napoléon, La Comédie Italienne and Cosmos for example, are among his creations.  Other highly popular Ledoux scarves are Springs, Groenland, Harnais de Cour […]

Preparing to write about Monsieur Ledoux

in the process of researching Philippe Ledoux for my blog. Just like with Hugo Grygkar, I am astounded how very little information I can find on the web about them.  After all, these are the two most influential artists Hermès has ever had.  Both were there practically at the birth of the carré, both have […]