La Perruche Inconstante by Esther Henwood

is a Special Edition Gavroche or Pochette from 1996. Hermes issued a series of these fun pocket squares.  Here a silly story of a Parakeet. Another story, L’ete de Loula, is about a little girl and her summer adventures and still one more about a crocodile, named Clovis. Enjoy the short story about this La […]

Ginza 2001 Special Limited Edition HERMES Scarf

Very excited about this gem of a scarf, the Limited Special Edition, Ginza 2001. Designed by Japanese artist Hajine Katagiri and it was issued in 2001 to mark the opening of Hermès headquarters in Japan. Hermès headquarters are housed in a 12 story tower, which is located in the busy center of the Japanese capital in the commercial […]