Hermes Silk Scarf Dieu Et Mon Droit The Queen’s Silver Jubilee 1977 Rare

This special Issue Hermes carre by Francoise de la Perriere was originally designed and issued in 1961 as Dieu Et Mon Droit (God and my right (hand)), which is the motto of the coat of arms of the English monarchy (not Scottish).  This motto in French goes back to King Henry V (1386–1422).  It is in French because at the time Norman French was the preferred language of the English court.

This medieval slogan reflects the belief that military victory was achieved as a direct manifestation of God’s favor rather than military savvy.

Hermes Silk Scarf Queens Jubilee-2

Today the Dieu et mon droit – God and my right motto is still part of the royal coat of arms.

Hermes Silk Scarf Queens Jubilee
Dieu Et Mon Droit Special Issue The Queen’s Silver Jubilee 1977 – AVAILABLE

Hermes Silk Scarf Queens Jubilee-8

Hermes Silk Scarf Queens Jubilee-3
Early copyright
Hermes Silk Scarf Queens Jubilee-5
Second copyright is incorporated into the design.  This was most likely carried over from the 1961 original design

Hermes Silk Scarf Queens Jubilee-6

Hermes Silk Scarf Queens Jubilee-7
Hermes carre Dieu Et Mon Droit The Queen’s Silver Jubilee 1977, Rare – AVAILABLE

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