Le Jeu des Petits Bonheurs Hermès Carré 2004

Le Jeu des Petits Bonheurs, The Game of Little Pleasures, was designed by Sophie de Seynes and issued in 2004 as part of the Hermès Fall Winter Collection.

Jeu d’Oie Board game, image courtesy wikipedia

The design was inspired by an old French board game, the Jeu d’Oie, Game of the Goose, that originated in the 16th century. Like the game itself, there are 63 pictures arranged in a spiral with the starting point on the outside. In the Hermes version each space depicts the small pleasures in life, les petit bonheurs.

In the original “goose” game each player’s piece moves around the board based on the number thrown by one or two dice. Scattered throughout the board are a number of spaces where a goose is depicted, which allows the player then to move again. The object is to reach space number 63 first avoiding spaces such as the Inn, the Bridge and Death.

Enjoy close ups of this rare carre, The Le Jeu des Petits Bonheurs.

Le Jeu des Petits Bonheurs Hermes Silk Scarf
Rare Hermes scarf by Sophie de Seynes, 2004, Col. 03
Le Jeu des Petits Bonheurs Hermes Silk Scarf – (100% silk) – RARE 
Designed by Sophie de Seynes in 2004 Fall/Winter – SOLD

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