The artist, who signs his Hermes designs Rybal is the great nephew of Philippe Ledoux.

Les Cavaliers d'Or Vladimir Rybaltchenko, 1975
Les Cavaliers d’Or close up by Vladimir Rybaltchenko, 1975 – SOLD

Born as Vladimir Rybaltchenko, he is the father of another Hermes GREAT, Dimitri Rybaltchenko. Both son and father have designed some of the most popular and sought after Hermes carres.

Vladimir’s father was born in Kiev and left Russia shortly after the revolution. Educated as a bridge engineer, he worked for Renault and Citroen once he emigrated to France. It is said that he had a lovely singing voice and it was this talent that caught the ear of a young French aristocrat, Alice Ledoux.

Alice, the youngest and fourth child, was born and raised in England. Her three brothers were all accomplished. One is credited with translating works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Defoe, Poe and Tolkien into French. Another brother, Albert, was an ambassador. Her undoubtedly most famous brother, was Philippe. He was an artist and as we all know by now, worked for Hermès and has designed many fabulous scarves for the Fashion House. You can read more about Philippe Ledoux on my blog here.

Alice’s father, much younger than Vladimir, objected to the marriage, but the marriage took place nonetheless. That union produced three children, Boris, Vera and Vladimir. Vladimir became a sculptor and painter and like his great uncle, Philippe Ledoux, worked for Hermès. Vladimir died in 2002 leaving behind a legacy.

Vladimir Rybaltchenko was responsible for a number of very memorable scarves among them Cavaliers d’Or, possibly one the most popular designs of all.

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Enjoy some of Monsieur Rybal’s creations…

Au Plus Dru HERMES Scarf (1998) – SOLD
Cavaliers d’Or Hermes Scarf -(1975) – SOLD
Fleurs et Carlines Hermes scarf (1985) – SOLD
La Fontaine de Bartholdi Hermes silk scarf (1995) – SOLD
La Marine a Rames Hermes scarf was started by Philippe Ledoux and finished after his death in 1975 by his nephew Vladimir Rybaltchenko – SOLD
Nikko Hermes silk scarf (100% silk) – Vintage – GRAIL
Designed by Vladimir Rybaltchenko in 1991/1995 – AVAILABLE
Siam Hermes silk scarf was designed by much sought after artist, Vladimir Rybaltchenko, AKA Rybal.  This iconic carre was first issued in 1978 – SOLD
Dessins D’Orchidees Hermes Scarf from (1992) – SOLD
British Heraldry  Hermes Scarf 1981 – SOLD
Tutankhamun Hermes silk scarf was designed by Vladimir Rybaltchenko and first issued in 1976 – AVAILABLE

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