The Noël Au 24 Faubourg…

I was recently asked in which colorways this GRAIL Hermès carré comes in?

Excellent question, that I thought, I better try to answer quickly as 2019 comes to a rapid close.

However, I do need your help as I am not sure about the colorway numbers and any additional information is, of course, always very welcome.

Close up of this GRAIL Hermès scarf

The by now the iconic “Christmas at 24 Faubourg” was designed by the talented Dimitri Rybaltchenko and issued as part of the Fall Winter Collection in 2004.

According to the Carré Hermès 2004 Autumn-Fall 2004 booklet, this design was originally issued in the following colorways:

1. Light Blue (Col. 01)

2. Yellow Ocher (Col. 04)

3. Orange (Col. 07)

4. Chocolate Brown (Col.09) – no photo

5. Red (Col. 10)

Noel au 24 Faubourg HERMES Carre

6. Black (Col. 11)

There are several subsequent colorways as well as a plisse version all due to the overwhelming popularity of this delightful design.


Excerpt from the Carré Hermès 2004

It’s winter, and tomorrow is Christmas. Peace reigns over Paris, accompanying the walker, lost in his projects for presents under the whorls of silence. it snows – a soft fall of secret flakes. Life is velvet-footed, and the velvet is coloured white. At Number 24, Faubourg Saint Honoré, Hermès, in a glass ball, is playing with paperweights and the joys of family life. Their magic must not fly away. it gives us our innocence, in the purest nooks of our dreams.

Copyright ©Hermès, Paris 2004

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