Pampa Hermes Scarf

The Pampa Hermes Silk Scarf was designed by Jean De Fougerolle and issued in 1988.

Pampa Hermes scarf from 1988 – SOLD

The Pampa Hermes carre, as the name suggests and the four vignettes further illustrate, celebrates the Pampa Plains of Argentina and its cowboys.

The Pampas as they are often referred to, are large fertile lowlands that extend inland from the Atlantic covering just under 290,000 square miles. Due to the temperate climate and fertile soil, this region has primarily been farm and cattle country in the past, given way to vineyards in recent years as the Buenos Aires wine region flourishes and expands.

To this day, however, the Pampas people maintain their close knit relationship with their horses and dogs and together they form an excellent cattle herding team, which has been so beautifully captured in this Hermes design.

In the vignette above, a Pampa Cowboy is using Bolas, a type of throwing weapon made of two or more weights attached to the ends of interconnected cords. As accurately depicted here by Jean Fougurelle, the Bolas are used to entangle the feet of large birds or even cattle.

Jean De Fougerolle’s Pampa from 1988 concludes our month of Around-the-World with Hermes.

The French Fashion House is responsible for many stunning scarf designs that are inspired by some of the most beautiful places on our planet.

So without any further ado, I invite you to take a trip around the world without ever boarding a plane, a train or automobile…

Promenade au Pays de Cezanne Hermes carre by Laurence “Toutsy” Bourthoumieux (2009) – Personal Collection
Les Ponts de Paris Hermes scarf by Hugo Grygkar (1953) – AVAILABLE
Aloha Hermes silk scarf by Laurence Toutsy Bourthoumieux Thioune (2002) – SOLD
Alsace Hermes scarf by Françoise de la Perriere (1960) – SOLD
Amazonia Hermes silk scarf by Laurence Toutsy Bourthoumieux Thioune (2001) – SOLD
Les Amoureux des Paris Hermès scarf by Maurice Tranchant (1951) – SOLD 
Les Ameriques Hermes Scarf by Kermit (1992) – AVAILABLE
 L’Art Indien des Plaines Hermes scarf by Sophie Koechlin (2004) – AVAILABLE
Au Pays de Cocagne Hermès scarf by Zoe Pauwels (2000) – SOLD
Art des Steppes Hermes scarf by Annie Faivre (1991) – Coming Soon
Aux Pays des Epices Hermes scarf by Annie Faivre (2001) – AVAILABLE
Les Ballets Russes Hermes scarf by Annie Faivre (1996) – SOLD
Le Bois de Boulogne Hermes scarf by Hugo Grygkar (1957) – SOLD
Bordeaux Porte Oceane Hermes scarf by Hugo Grygkar (1954) – AVAILABLE 
La Camargue Hermes scarf by Lamotte (1981) – SOLD
Le Carnaval de Venise Hermes scarf by Hubert de Watrigant (1993) – SOLD
Chasse en Inde Hermes scarf by Michele Duchene (1985/86) – AVAILABLE
Special Issue of Chevaux Arabes by Hugo Grygkar (orig. 1951) 1994 – SOLD
Les Chevaux des Empereurs Moghols Hermes scarf by Jean de Fougerolle (1997) – AVAILABLE
Les Cheyennes Hermes Scarf by Kermit (1993) – AVAILABLE
Ciels Byzantins HERMES scarf by Julia Abadie (1997) – SOLD
Costumes des Départements de la Seine Inférieure Hermes scarf
Official name: Coiffes Normandes
by Zoe Pauwels (1989, re-issued 1992) – AVAILABLE
Cuirs du Desert Hermes scarf by Françoise de la Perriere (1988/1989) – AVAILABLE
De Passage a Moscou Hermes scarf by Nathalie Vialars (2008) – SOLD
Early America Hermes scarf – Early Vintage
by Françoise de la Perriere first issued in 1970 without the pair and reissued in 1979 with George and Martha – SOLD
L’Ecole Espagnole de Vienne Hermes scarf by Philippe Ledoux most likely 1960s – SOLD
Egypte Hermes scarf by Caty Latham (1970 ) – AVAILABLE
Europe Hermes scarf by Joachim Metz (1993) – AVAILABLE
Equateur Hermes scarf by Robert Dallet (1988) – SOLD
Equitation Japonaise Hermes scarf by Françoise de la Perriere (1969) – SOLD
Fantaisies Indiennes, is another Must Have for the serious Hermès collector. 
Designed by Loïc Dubigeon in 1986 (reissued in 1992 & 1996) – AVAILABLE
Le Geographe Hermes silk Jacquard scarf (100% silk) – Vintage
Designed by Sandra Laroche in 1992 – AVAILABLE
Giverny Hermes scarf by Laurence Thioune (1989) – AVAILABLE 

As this is a work in progress, more to come…

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