Confidents Des Coeurs

Confidants Of Hearts – what a sweet title AND what a sweet scarf!

Loic Dubigeon’s Confidents Des Coeurs Hermes carre from 2000 just warms my heart. Why? Because when I was two and a half Santa brought me a teddy bear. But not just any teddy bear. He brought me Misa. Bigger than life, I loved him the minute I spied him under the brightly lit up Christmas tree. Bigger and heavier than I was at the time, he did not leave my side.

My Misa, was an old world teddy bear from a time when bears were “stuffed” with saw dust. Well wood wool to be precise. All I know is, Misa was very heavy. And it was not until I was about four, that I could pull him by one of his movable arms. Before that I had to drag him by his head. And that Is how I discovered the saw dust. Not sure exactly what my young mind thought Misa had underneath all that brown fur. My young heart? Well, no question there! He was ALWAYS available to play. Never tired of playing dress up he always listened to me patiently. He never interrupted and he never disagreed. Best of all, I could tell him anything!

Perhaps you had your very own Confidents Des Coeurs

Confidents Des Coeurs Hermes silk scarf
Designed by Loïc Dubigeon in 2000

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