The Brides de Gala – Opening Store promotional Gavroche

This Special 1987 Issue of Hugo Grygkar’s Brides de Gala was an Opening Store promotional Gavroche that was given away as gift to patrons at the opening of the Hermes Boutique at I Magnin in San Francisco
Close up of the Brides de Gala San Francisco I Magnin promotional gavroche with its early care tag – AVAILBLE

The machine hemmed 17″ or 43 cm square Brides de Gala, the iconic 1957 design by Hugo Grygkar, was a Special Issue and used by Hermes at various boutique and store openings as a promotional giveaway.

I am very pleased to have three out of the seven of the Special Issue mentioned in the Carres d’Art publication, which also mentions Carre de Paris as a trusted Hermes resource.

Hermes opened the Bonwitt Teller location at 25 East Oak Street in Chicago in 1990 – AVAILABLE

Close up of the Care Tag of the Brides de Gala – Chicago Bonwit Teller – AVAILABLE
Hermes arrived in Honolulu @ Ala Moana store – Mc Inery in Hawaii in 2016 – AVAILABLE
A more modern care tag has replaced the vintage early care tag found on the other two pocket squares
Originally designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1957 – here a machine stitched small version used as a promotional item at the 2016 Opening of Hermes in Honolulu @ Ala Moana store – Mc Inery in Hawaii – AVAILABLE

There are currently a total of seven of these Special Issue Brides de Galas documented and they include store openings in Montreal (1968+/-), Palm Beach @ 218 Worth Ave celebrating the opening there in 1977. At the famous Hardy Brothers Jewelers in Sidney in 1982, I Magnin in San Francisco in 1987, Bonwit Teller in Chicago 1990, Geneva, Switzerland in 2011 and Hawaii in 2016.

You can find all three featured in this article at my eBoutique Carre de Paris right now.

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