Vive le Vent hermes Carre

The Vive le Vent was part of the 1992 Year by the Sea Collection, which was the theme for that year at HERMÈS©. Designed by the talented Toutsy, who is also known as Laurence Thioune and Laurence Bourthoumieux, her stunning Long live the Wind takes us to the four corners of the world.

Vive le Vent Hermes Silk Scarf by “Toutsy” Laurence Bourthoumieux from 1992 – Available
Vive le Vent by Laurence Toutsy Bourthoumieux Thioune (1992) – SOLD

This is how Hermès introduced this design in the Le Carre Hermès Paris© booklet:

This scarf ripples in the wind like a flag unfurled. Chests fill out to match the great expanse of ocean. We are on board one of those brave vessels of heroic times, ploughing the main in full sail in search of distant horizons conjuring up adventure and sheer poetry. Whether man-of-war or merchantman, the king of the high seas cuts through the foam-tipped waves. And a lusty sea-shanty fills the air.

Vive le Vent by Laurence Toutsy Bourthoumieux Thioune (1992) signed as L.Thioune – SOLD

Some interesting facts:

Other designs from that year include:

Grand Fonds – Annie Faivre more about the life of this artist here

Grands Fonds – SOLD

A la Gloire de Guillaume – Loïc Dubigeon

Festival – Henri d’Origny

Festival – AVAILABLE

Vent Portant – Yannick Manier

Vent Portant – AVAILABLE

Feux de Router Apercus la Nuit en Mer –

Kachinas – Kermit Oliver

Kachinas – Coming soon

Musee – Philippe Ledoux more about the life of this artist here

Musee – SOLD

Le Paradis du Roy – Annie Faivre more about the life of this artist here

Do you know what an hermes carre cost brand new in 1992?

$215 (now I understand the expression “good old days” :-))

L’Indomptable Hermes Scarf

Doing a little research on this HERMES carre from 1977, I learned that the French Navy has throughout its history named five of its ships L’Indomptable, the Invincible or Unbeatable, beginning with a double-deck 80-gun ship which fought the British at the Battle of Trafalgar in October of 1805.

L’Indomptable Hermes Scarf (100% silk) – RARE Vintage
Designed by Pierre Peron in 1977 

Another Indomptable followed in 1810 and was captured by the English only three years later. In 1877 another Indomptable this one a coastal battleship or armored warship made her maiden voyage and remained in service until 1910.

The fourth L’Indomptable was a destroyer and put into service in 1933. Unfortunately, she was scuttled in Toulon in November 1942 to keep her from falling into enemy hands during Germany’s occupation of Vichy.

This brings us to the fifth and final ship, the ballistic missile submarine L’Indomptable which is at the center of Pierre Peron’s 1977 carre.

L’Indomptable HERMES scarf celebrates the submarine and namesake, which was in service from 1976 until 2005. She was one of five Le Redoutable-class (ballistic missile) submarines built between 1964 and 1982. In 2016 her deconstruction began and with it the era of the French ballistic missile submarines ended.

But luckily for us, her legacy lives on in Peron’s fabulous carre! Just like its namesake, the HERMES L’Indomptable carre is indomitable!


Marche Flottant du Lac Inle II by Dimitri Rybaltchenko

The Floating Market of Lake Inle II by Dimitri Rybaltchenko is a detail of his 1998 design, titled Marche Flottant du lac Inle.

The Marche Flottant du Lac Inle II is a beautiful close up of the original design and was part of the Spring Summer 2002 Collection.

Here we are so close to that we can almost hear the hustle and bustle on this freshwater lake located in today’s Myanmar. Lake Inle is home to approximately 70,000 people, who live in four cities and numerous small villages along the lake’s shores and on the lake itself.

Transportation on the lake is traditionally by small boats, whereby the women sit cross legged at the stern using the oar with their hands.

As the lake is covered by flaoting plants and reeds, local fishermen practice a distinctive rowing style which enables them to see. Standing at the stern on one leg and wrapping the other leg around the oar provides the rower with a view beyond the reeds. 

In addition to fishing, farming takes place in floating gardens whereby farmers gather up lake-bottom weeds and turn them into floating beds. Anchored by bamboo poles these gardens are incredibly fertile and produce anything from rice to tomatoes.

Dimitri Rybaltchenko beautifully captures Burmese life on Lake Inle.

Here in a beautiful theme appropriate colorway (col.06) of pale blues punctuated with vibrant orange and purple hues and verdant greens.



Another fabulous Philippe Ledoux carre from 1968…

CORTEGE ROYAL HERMES SILK SCARF BY PHILIPPE LEDOUX - VERY RARE now available at Carre de Paris, Purveyors of fine Vintage and Pre Owned Hermes Scarves.


Cortege Royal Hermes silk scarf (100% silk) - Vintage RARE Designed by Philippe Ledoux in 1968 - never re-issued Excellent Condition - several pulled threads Measures 36" x 36" Copyright Signed Hand Rolled Hem somewhat flat Made in France Blue/Off White/Multi


What’s in a name?

MARINE NAÏVE HERMES Scarf is a rare carre with an interesting inspiration.

Marine Naive is also sometimes (wrongly) called Marine Naive – Henry F. Smith Sailor Scarf or 1880 Henry F. Smith Sailor even referred to as “untitled”

The Marine Naїve Hermes silk scarf is a rare carre designed by Philippe Dumas and issued as part of the Fall/Winter 1992/1993 Collection.

This carre depicts sailing ships and has at its center a crest with the “title” Henry F. Smith Sailor, 1880. But that is neither the title of this scarf, nor its subject matter.

So what is this scarf actually about? Embroidery!

In the 1992/1993 Le Carre edition, HERMES poses the rhetorical question whether a sailor, who confronts terrible elements, the ocean, can retain his youthful naivety? And the answer is YES!

rough seamen who made a living on sailing ships spent their leisure time doing a young girls work: they embroidered

Philippe Dumas emulates embroidery in his design and brings us a scarf that is both rare and unusual as well as beautiful.

And who is Henry F. Smith Sailor, you ask? The embroiderer, of course.

Philippe Dumas interestingly, also created the Chevaux de Francaise (SOLD) carre, that too, resembles embroidery, this time, the cross stich…


L’Atlantide Hermes Silk Scarf by Annie Faivre – 1995

L'Atlantide Hermes Silk Scarf by Annie Faivre - 1995
Annie Faivre’s L’Atlantide HERMES Carre

Hermes first issued Annie Faivre’s L’Atlantide carre in 1995 and due to its popularity again in 1999 as part of that year’s Spring/Summer Collection.

The care tag and colorway point to this carre being part of the original 1995 issue with colors both vibrant and bold.

Annie Faivre has created some of the most memorable scarves for the French Fashion House. With a huge worldwide following, her designs are much sought after. Her style unique and intricate, each of her creations is filled amazing detail that captures both the eye and the imagination, carrying the beholder to far away places, both real and imagined.

The L’Atlantide was part of the “On the Road Again…” Theme for 1995.


Au Coeur des Bois Hermes Carre by Zoé Pauwels

In the Heart of the Woods, the title speaks for itself…

This lovely carre was issued in 1998, the year of the Tree at Hermes.

Volumes I & II Le Monde d’Hermès Magazines, 1998 (copyright Hermes International)
– The Year of the Tree –

It is then no surprise that Zoe Pauwels’ Au Coeur des Bois made its debut that year along with Dimitri Rybaltchenko’s Sous le Cedre, Under the Cedar, Caty Latham’s Copeaux, Shavings, as well as the Les Légendes de l’Arbre, Legends of the Tree, by Annie Faivre.
Twenty years ago any one of these beautiful scarves could be had for about $275, today pricing for a 90cm twill carre starts at $415 in the US.

A word from Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermes
Volume I Monde d’Hermès Magazine, 1998 (copyright Hermes International)
– The Year of the Tree –

As an accomplished artist, who draws her inspiration from music and math, Zoe Pauwels designs are filled with great detail and storytelling.
In the Heart of the Woods Madame Pauwels beautifully captures for us the abundant life a single tree can provide…

Au Coeur des Bois Hermes Silk Carré by Zoé Pauwels, 1998 – SOLD

When I stand among you,
trees of the great forest,
surrounded and hidden
at the same time, in your solitude I return to myself,
I sense a being who is vast,
who listens, who loves me…

Victor Hugo “Aux Arbres” 1843

Musique Des Dieux Hermes Silk Scarf Rare

Musique des Dieux Hermes silk scarf  was designed by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr and issued in 1996, the Year of Music.

Musique des Dieux Hermes silk scarf 

Other wonderful designs that were part of the Year of Music, include the Les Ballets Russes by Annie Faivre. Zoe Pauwels’ contributed her fabulous La Musique des Sphères and the talented Loïc Dubigeon designed not one but two exceptional carres that year, the New Orleans Creole Jazz and Salzburg.

Musique des Dieux Hermes scarf showcases several ancient Greek mythological figures dancing while playing ancient instruments, like the Lyre for example.

The Aulos and Syrinx or pan flute, a woodwind instrument, paved the way for the modern-day harmonica
The Kymbala or cymbals and the
Tympanon, or tambourine have not changed much throughout history
The Kithara, an advanced version of the Lyre, gave birth to the modern day guitar
And whom do we find at the center? Is it the river god Achelous entertaining himself by playing a syrinx?

In one of her four “instrument” squares Madame Stuhlhofer-Mayr cleverly incorporated the sign of Hermes, the famous Greek god responsible for wealth, luck and fertility. The cleverest and most mischievous of all the Olympian gods, Hermes was also their herald and messenger.

Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr’s 1996 Musique des Dieux carre is filled with instruments and frolicking gods making music, Music of the Gods.

This spectacular design has never been re-issued making it a somewhat difficult and a rare find and in this colorway a truly divine carre.

The Inspiration for the Musique des Dieux Hermes Scarf by Carre de Paris
Musique des Dieux by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr (1996 ) – SOLD

Cuirs du Desert Hermès…Loti’s Aziyadé

Françoise de la Perrière has designed some truly exceptional scarves for Hermes and in my humble opinion, the Cuirs du Desert is one of them.

Hermes in its tradition to “scorn all walls, fences and restrains of the spirit” undertook to make 1988 The Year of Exoticism and to go beyond borders in the spirit of Pierre Loti. 

Pierre Loti gained fame for his semi-autobiographical novel Aziyadé, which was published 1879. As a young French Naval officer, Loti found himself in Turkey, where he fell in love with a much younger harem girl, Aziyadé. In his book, Loti describes both his love for the harem girl and his love affair with the Turkish culture, which quickly gave birth to his fame as well as his exotica persona.

It is then no surprise, that Hermes took its Fall/Winter Collection that year to exotic Turkey where the brilliant jewel tones of both the collection and the streets of Istanbul fought the drab of winter.

Françoise de la Perrière, a former art teacher, joined Hermes in the 1950s and her first work La France, was commissioned by Robert Dumas and issued in 1959.

Madame de la Perriere has described herself as “a perfectionist, who is lazy, an extrovert who appreciates quiet“.  Known to enjoy tranquility along with fixing things around the house, Madame de la Perriere, draws her inspiration from classical music.

As part of the Year of Exoticism, her Cuirs du Desert blends detail with elegance and her carre is both bold and exotic as it is classy.


Memoire d’Hermes

In Memory of Hermes…
Memoire d’Hermes by Caty Latham from 1992

Memoire d’Hermes carre is a lovely collage of items we all are familiar with, like the same little purse from the Les Cles carre…

At the center of the Les Cles carre, is an eighteenth-century velvet and gold purse surrounded by keys – the same type can be spotted in the Memoire d’Hermes scarf

Same is true for the stirrup, that reminds us of the Etriers carré by Françoise De La Perrière (1964).

Etriers Detail
Close up of the wonderful Etriers carre
Close up of the Memoire d’Hermes carre – AVAILABLE

This fabulous carre is perfect for all Hermes lovers, as it pays homage to its founder, Thierry Hermès, who is seated at the center of Madame Latham’s design. Born in 1801 in Krefeld, Germany, young Thierry moved to France in 1821 after he lost his entire family to war and disease. At 36 he founded, Hermès, as a horse harness company. Over the decades, Hermes has evolved into a luxury Fashion House, that specializes in leather, purses, ready-to-wear, home furnishings, perfumes, jewellery, watches, accessories, and of course, scarves.

Memoire d’Hermes is just like its name suggests, a beautiful collection of objects d’art that remind us of all the wonderful things that are Hermes…