24 Faubourg Seconde | Ginza 5-4-1

This is a second Limited Edition Hermès carre, which was issued to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Hermès headquarters in Tokyo, Japan at 4-1, Ginza 5. Please see my pervious post for the first Ginza carre which was issued to celebrate the opening of the Glass tower in 2001. Construction of the 65,000 […]

Speaking of Dimitri Rybaltchenko…

I just listed another fabulous design by this very talented artist. He is the son of Vladimir Rybaltchenko, who was the great-nephew of Philippe Ledoux, all three responsible for many fabulous Hermès carrés. Other designs and more information can be found here. “Under the Orange Trees” has us looking down into a koi pond. Shadows, sunlight […]

It is soooo difficult to resist

and not get excited about some of the latest additions to my petit Hermes Scarf Boutique… Like this Varangues, for example. I simply can’t get enough of this scarf! Designed by gifted artist, Dimitri Rybaltchenko, this stunner is from the 2001 Spring/Summer Collection.  Inspired by a varangue, an antechamber typical in Mauritius homes, similar to a screened in porch, […]