The HERMES Etriers

Every so often a scarf comes along that you just LOVE no matter what colorway, it is stunning, you just must have it. So it for me with the ETRIERS (and a number of others, i am afraid) Just listed this Etriers for sale in my store and absolutely love the colors! Bright and bold […]

How to care for your Hermes carre

The second most asked question right after, “what’s my scarf worth?”, is “how do I care for my scarf?” I just recently wrote about some of the best ways to store your scarf and today I will try to answer the all important, how do I take care of this minor investment of mine? Every scarf purchased […]

Featured Hermes Scarves

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Coming soon…

The inspiration behind the always spectacular Hermès Etriers carré by Françoise de la Perriere, which was first issued in 1964 coming soon…


Etriers (stirrups), is a gorgeous scarf designed by Francoise de la Perriere in 1964.  De la Perriere beautifully adds a feminine touch by tying ribbons to the various riding stirrups.  I absolutely adore the details of this scarf. Not only are the stirrups very ornate and beautiful (should every rider be so lucky), by tying […]